​Guidelines for Applications for the Courses Taught Abroad Program

  1. ​The application form for the Courses Taught Abroad Program (Form 2d) must be completed and first submitted to the Albert Katz International School for Desert Studies (AKIS) for approval. The application must be submitted at least three months before the expected course date. BIDR researchers should not set a firm date for the course until the funding request is approved by the BCSC Steering Committee.
  1. ​​In order for the course to be approved, there should be a compelling reason why the course must take place abroad, and this reason must be clearly stated in the application form.


  1. After approval of the proposed course by AKIS, the BIDR course instructor should submit the same application form that was submitted to AKIS to the BCSC office along with the approval of AKIS.


  1. If the BCSC Steering Committee approves funding for the course, the final course dates (and the budget year in which the course will occur) will be set in consultation with the course instructors and AKIS.


  1. In order to receive funding from the BCSC, a significant percentage of the students enrolled in the course must be from AKIS. In addition, however, the enrolled students should not comprise solely students from Israeli universities, but must also include students from international institutions.


  1. Within one month after the completion of the course, the course instructors must submit a report to the BCSC detailing the overall aims of the course, the general trajectory of the course itself, and any particular highlights and/or outcomes.

Support from the BCSC for the Courses Taught Abroad Program will include:

​Expenses for the air travel of participating AKIS students, up to $3000 USD