Aviad Moreno is a faculty member at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Before joining the faculty, Moreno was a fellow at the Herbert D. Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies (University of Pennsylvania), a fellow at the Frankel Institute for Advanced Judaic Studies (University of Michigan), a Kreitman postdoctoral fellow (Ben-Gurion University); and a postdoctoral fellow at Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Moreno is a recipient of the prestigious Alon Fellowship from the Council for Higher Education in Israel. He has been selected as a foreign international member of the Spanish Royal Academy. He recently co-founded the Center for Research and Archives on the Judaism of Northern Morocco (CJNM), Tangier, Morocco. Additionally, he serves on the board of several central committees in his field, including the National Academy for Ladino, the content committee of the Anu Museum of the Jewish People in Tel Aviv (formerly Beit Hatfutsot), and the Institute for the Study of Jewish Press & Communications. He has previously served on the Committee for Empowering the Identity of Mizrahi Communities in the Israeli Education System (the "Biton Committee").  

Dr. Moreno's current research focuses on the transnational ties between Middle Eastern and North African Jewries in Israel, Western Europe, and the Americas as vehicles for understanding Israeli ethnicity from a diasporic viewpoint. He heads the research hub Communities and Mobilities at the Azrieli Center for Israel Studies. Populated with some 15 with varied disciplinary backgrounds, this team strives to study the multivalent realities that migrations create and their connection with questions of collective memory and community formation. The hub focuses on Jewish (and sometimes non-Jewish) migrant groups from Ethiopia, the Middle East, and North Africa in Israel, Europe, and the Americas. 


Current research​ interest:

» Migration and Diaspora Studies 

»  Israeli ethnicity

»  North African and Sephardi Jews

»  Latin American Jews 

Selected publica​tions:


1.  Aviad Moreno, Noah Gerber, Esther Meir-Glitzenstein and Ofer Shiff. 2021. ההיסטוריה הארוכה של המזרחים: כיווני חדשים בחקר יהודי ארצות האסלאם -בהוקרה לירון צור  [The Long History of Mizrahim: New Directions in the Study of Jews from Muslim Countries -in Tribute to Yaron Tsur]. The Ben-Gurion Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Sde-Boker. 588p. 


Published reviews of the book:

  1. Michal Ben Ya'akov. 2022. ] חשיבה חדשה-תובנות חדשותNew Thinking – New Understandings].  Dor Ledor- Studies in the History of Jewish Education in Israel and the Diaspora 56: 161-168.
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  3. Benny Nurieli. 2022. הסוציולוגיה הביקורתית של ההיסטוריה הארוכה של המזרחים [The Critical Sociology of the long History of the Mizrahim]. Kriot Yisraeliot 2: 262-167


2.  Aviad Moreno. 2015. אירופה ממרוקו: הפרוטוקולים של הנהגת קהילת יהודי טנגי'ר,1864-1860 [Europe from Morocco: the Minutes of the Leadership of Tangier's Jewish Community (the Junta), 1860-1864]. Jerusalem. Pe'amim Supplement, Vol 1. Ben Zvi Institute. 124p.

Published reviews of the book:

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Refereed ​articles

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Aviad Moreno. 2012. De-Westernizing Morocco: Pre-Migration Colonial History and the Ethnic-Oriented Self-Representation of Tangier's Natives in Israel, Quest- Issues in Contemporary Jewish History. 4: 67-85 


Other publications​

1.   Aviad Moreno. 2022. La Liberté/El HorriaEncyclopedia of Jews in the Islamic World. http://dx.doi.org/10.1163/1878-9781_ejiw_SIM_000871

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