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Yad Yaari: Protocols

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Moshe Sharett (Shertok) Collections


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Special Collections (Israel)

          Central Zionist Archives (Simon Brod)

          Jabotinsky Archive

          Yad Tabenkin

          Haganah Archive

          Givat Haviva "Moreshet" Archive

          Israel Labor Movement Archives, Lavon Institute (Josef Almogi)

Special Collections (Abroad)

          American Jewish Archives – Cincinnati

          American Zionist Archives – New York

          Bund Archives

          Dwight D.Eisenhower Presidential Library

          Hansard - official reports of British Parliament

          John F.Kennedy presidential  Library

Joint Distribution Committee (JDC)

          NATO Archive

          PRO (Public Records Office) – The National Archives, U.K.

          Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library

          National Archives, USA (NARA)

          Harry S. Truman Presidential Library

          Yivo – New York

Personal Archives

          Allon Gal

          Eliezer Preminger

          Baruch Ram

          Dov Hos

          Dan Kurzman

          Viktor Avrunin

          Venja Pomerantz (Ze'ev Hadari)

          Hannah Farkash-Hamazli

          Yehuda Erez

          Yehoshua Cohen

          Yitzhak Gruenbaum

          Meir Avizohar

          Maurice Edelman

          Natan Alterman

          Robert Nathan

          Chaim Barlas

          Joseph Klarman

          Levi Eshkol

          Paula Ben-Gurion

          Frederick Kisch

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Special Committees

          Liaison Ministerial Committee

          Jews-Arabs Relations Committee

          Biltmore conference

          Jewish Agency Rescue Committee

          Jewish Agency Emergency Committee

          Status ["Hamatzav"] Committee

          Planning ["Hatichon"] Committee

          Woodhead Commission, League of Nations, Anglo-American Committee

          St. James Conference

          Knesset Israel – The Elected Assembly

          Knesset Israel – Vaad Leumi

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Minutes of meetings

          Achdut Ha'avodah

          General Federation of Labor in Israel – Conventions

          General Federation of Labor in Israel– Councils

          General Federation of Labor in Israel – Central Bureau

          General Federation of Labor in Israel – Public Works Department

          Yeshuv Security Board

          IDF - General Staff meetings

          The Provisional Government of the State + "The Five" committee

          Knesset – Committees

          The Provisional Council of the State

          National Executive ["Minhelet Ha'am"]

          Mapai – Political  Committee

          Mapai – Bureau ["Lishka"]

          Mapai – Secretariat ["Mazkirut"]

          Mapai – Central Board ["Merkaz"]

          Mapai – Faction in the Knesset

          Mapai – Meetings and Conferences

          Mapai – Committees

Mapai – Conventions

          Mapai – Councils

          Poale Zion – World Organization

          Executive of Jewish Agency – USA

          Executive of Jewish Agency – Jerusalem

Executive of Jewish Agency – London

Executive of Jewish Agency – Paris

          Minutes of General Federation of Labor in Israel`s executive

          Minutes of Knesset Assembly

          Minutes of general meetings


          Coalition in the Knesset

          Zionist Congresses

         Minutes of Jewish Agency

          Kibbutz Meuchad

General chronological Documentation


Ben-Gurion Diary 1915-1971

Chaim Arlosoroff 1931-1932

Joseph Bankover 1940-1941

Blanche Dugdale 1936-1940

Dov (Bernard) Joseph 1937-1945

Moshe Sharett (Shertok) 1934-1943

Yitzhak Ben-Zvi

Eliahu Elath (Epstein)

Reuven Shiloah  (Zaslany)

Subject Files

          Series – Avuka

          Series – Stamped envelopes sent to Ben-Gurion

          Series – Judicial aspects of "Route 300"

          Series – Israel-Poland Relations

          Series – Kahana

          Series – Israel-Germany Relations

          Series – Israel-France-USSR Relations

          Subject Files


Ben-Gurion's Bureau as head of the Jewish Agency 1935-1948

Greetings and Wishes

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Prime Minister's Bureau 1948-1963