The Ben-Gurion Research Institute compiled a collection of articles written by David Ben-Gurion. This collection contains library materials, which have been photocopied from books, publications and dairies, available to the public for browsing, photocopying and scanning.

The computerized archives provide bibliographical details of each document, some of which include historical photos and other images. Key-words search online is available.

The collection provides 33,000 articles in Hebrew and other languages, written by and about David Ben-Gurion. Additionally, it includes speeches and correspondences that appeared in print publications, telegrams, newspapers, and pamphlets. The collection is being constantly updated online; it does not yet include books written by Ben-Gurion.

The majority of articles are indexed by key phrases of the contents, which are indicated at an asterisk in the file number(s). These are arranged by the order of topics that appear in the article (not alphabetical) in order to provide more accurate pre-view of the content of the article. Names of persons have been marked with a plus sign (+), and “’addressee” refers to a person who received the correspondence. Documents without key phrases are identical to others, whose numbers are indicated in the “comments” section.

Each document has two dates: the date of the document's publication (the date the original bibliographical resource was published), and the date in which the document was written. The dates have been determined according to the Ben-Gurion Institute and historical research. If the date is not found, the document is dated according to the publication date. In order to maintain consistency, the dates are Gregorian.