Nov. 15, 2016
Dr. Hadar Ben-Yoav, Department of Biomedical Engineering, has been selected to receive the International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) Scientist Medal for the year 2016 in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of 'Advanced Materials Science and Technology'. He will receive the award at theAmerican Advanced Materials Congress(AAMC) that will be held in December 2016 in the United States. He has also been invited to present his research and to co-chair the session of the American Graphene Forum as a member of the Congress’s scientific advisory committee. 
Dr. Ben-Yoav joined the department in 2015 as the head of theNanobioelectronics Laboratory (NBEL). His research team focuses on interfacing biology with microelectronics. In particular, they study the integration of biological materials (such as DNA, proteins, and cells) with micro- and nano-electronic devices that will harness their unique functionalities for the development of the next generation of personalized health monitoring applications (such as electronic skin patches and implantable sensors that can continuously monitor our health). In their research, engineering tools and strategies are devised to investigate new fundamental challenges in the field of analytical miniaturized devices that are related to micro- and nano-sensor development, biomaterial functionalization and interface with electronics, micro-systems integration, sensing of complex systems, and real-world scenario-driven design and implementation.