Analysis and Chemical Processes in Biomedical Systems

  • - Identification of bio-markers related to unusual physiological conditions in: urine, breath, sweat and feces
    - Production, characterization and functionalization of gold and silver nanoparticles for bioaplications
    - Examination of changes in the distribution of heavy metals in the brain due to in pathological conditions
    - Drug delivery through the blood-brain barrier
    - Particle-substrate (biomaterials) adhesion measurements

PI: Prof. Yehuda Zeiri (

Biomedical Robotics

  • - Human-centred teleoperation and haptics control for medical applications
    - Computational models of surgeon’s sensorimotor control and learning in robot-assisted surgery
    - Computational models of perception and action in teleoperation and physical human-robot interaction
    - The effects of delay and sensorimotor transformations on  representation and adaptation in the motor system
    - Sensory substitution and sensory augmentation for medical applications

PI: Dr. Ilana Nisky (

Biomedical Signal Processing

  • - Maximization of clinical and physical information through the physiological-signal technology
    - New methods for signal processing offering effective solutions for diagnosing various medical problems
    - The research focuses on sleep, respiratory and heart disorders

PI: Dr. ​Yaniv Zigel (

Bio-Pharmaceuticals and Nano-Medicine

  • - Pharmaceuticals and drug delivery systems
    - Delivery of therapeutics via transdermal, topical and mucosal routes
    - Pharmacokinetics and controlled release of active ingredients
    - Nanoparticles and nano-sized emulsions as carriers for pharmaceuticals

PI: Prof. Amnon Sintov (

  • Computational Motor Control Laboratory

    - Behavioral and Computational Neuroscience
    - Human-Machine Interfaces
    - Potential Applications for Rehabilitation

Computational Theoretical Biophysics

  • - Complexes of lipids and DNA molecules (in collaboration with Niels Gronbech-Jensen)
    - Supported membranes with reconstituted proteins.
    - Non-equilibrium dynamics in actomyosin systems (in collaboration with Anne Bernheim)

PI: Prof. Oded Farago (

Mathematical Models in Biomedical Systems

  • - Mathematical models for nanoparticles as vehicles for transport and controlled release of drugs
    - Development of identification and detection methods for biomedical indicators for diagnostics
    - Population dynamic models for optimization of phage growth use for treating bacterial infections
    - Population dynamic models for optimal growth of baculoviruses for uses as pesticides

PI: Dr. Giora Enden (

Motor Learning

      • - Physiological characteristics of individual neurons in cerebellar cortex
        - Neural correlates of motor learning at the level of the single cell
        - Anatomical identification of sub-regions of cerebellar cortex involved in different aspects of motor learning 
        •    using voxel based morphometric analysis of three dimensional anatomical scans
          - Models of the cerebellum and cerebellar function
          - Sensorimotor transformations in the archer fish

PI: Prof. Opher Donchin (


  • - Bioelectronic signal transduction mechanisms at the interface of biology and microelectronics.
    - Bio-micro- and nano-electromechanical systems (Bio-M/NEMS) for functional sensing and actuation of chemical
  •     and biological molecules
    - Real-time and mobile analysis of chemical and biological markers for personalized health monitoring
    - Holistic biosensing systems development and integration for real-world solutions
    - System-level study of mobile devices for in-vivo and in-vitro applications in the world of the Internet of Things.

PI: Dr. Hadar Ben-Yoav (

Nano-Optics and Biomedical Optics

  • - Optical signal processing for applications in biology and medicine
    - Development of optical technologies for bio-imaging at the nanometer resolution
    - Medical diagnostics through optical technologies

PI: Dr. Alberto Bilenca (