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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב
מכון בן-גוריון לחקר ישראל והציונות

Dr. Michael Feige z"l

ד''ר מיכאל פייגה


Dr. Feige was a sociologist and anthropologist that specializes in Israeli society, collective memory and political myth. He taught at the Israel Studies program at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, where he gave the introductory course: 'Israeli Society: Sociological and anthropological aspects'. He was working with Prof. David Ohana on the commemoration of Ben-Gurion in Israel society. With Dr. Pnina Mutzafi-Haller he was co-editor of the academic journal 'Hagar: Studies in Culture, Politics, Identities'.




  • Feige, M., Settling in the Hearts: Fundamentalism, Time and Space in the Occupied Territories. Wayne State University Press, (Forthcoming)
  • Co-editor with Z. Shiloni,  Archeology, Religion and Nationalism in Israel,
    Ben-Gurion Research Institute, 2008 [Hebrew]. Cover
  • Feige, M., One Space, Two Places: Gush Emunim, Peace Now and the Construction of Israeli Space. Jerusalem, Magnes Press, 2002 [Hebrew]. Cover
  • Feige, M., (ed.), Memory and Identity in Israel: New Directions, Israel Studies (special volume) 7 (2), 2002.  


  • Michael Feige, " Mini-Israel: Meta-place between the global and the miniature", Forthcoming in: Alexandra Nocka, Julia Brauch and Anna Lipphardt (eds.) Jewish Topographies (Ashgate,  GB)
  • Feige, M., ‘A Herd of Cats: Peace Now between Modernity, Nationalism and Globalization’, in: T. Herzog, T. Kochavi and Sh. Zelniker (eds.) Generation, Space, Identities. Van Leer Publications 2007.
  • Feige, M., ‘The Names of the Place: New Historiography in Tamar Berger’s Dionysus at the Center’, Israel Studies Review 19(2), 2004, pp. 54-74.
  • Feige, M., ‘That Horrible War: Two Possibilities for the Memory of Yom Kippur War’, Zmanim 84, 2003, pp. 70-85, [Hebrew].
  • Feige, M., ‘The Vision of the Broken Bones: Haredim vs. Archeologists in the City of David, 1981,’ in:E. Sivan and K. Kaplan (eds.), Israeli Haredim: Integration without Assimilation, Jerusalem, Van-Leer Institute, 2003, pp. 56-81, [Hebrew].
  • Feige, M., “Do not weep Rachel: Fundamentalism, Commemoration and Gender in a West-Bank Settlement.” The Journal of Israeli History 21(1/2) 2002, pp. 119-138, also  Published in H. Naveh,  (ed.), Gender and Israeli Society, London, Vallentine Mitchell, 2003, pp.119-138.

Research Fields

  • Collective memory in Israel
  • Israel political movements 
  •  Archeology in the Zionist ethos 
  • National symbols 
  • The commemoration of David Ben-Gurion