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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב
מכון בן-גוריון לחקר ישראל והציונות

The Publication Unit

The institute's Publications Unit has been operating for over twenty years.
More than 120 academic works appear under the institute's logo, most of them dealing with nation building and the State of Israel.

The institute publishes monographs, anthologies, and two academic journals:
Iyunim Bitkumat Israel  (an annual, in Hebrew)
and Israel Studies,  in cooperation with Indiana University Press  (three times a year, in English).

Ben-Gurion’s Papers have also been published, and are based on the vast resources located in the Ben-Gurion Archives at Sede-Boker.
All of the books are published only after a rigorous academic evaluation and review.

Books may be purchased in stores, or directly from the Publications Unit (08-6596942)
or the Bialik Institute (02-6797942 – Rachel Edelstein)

The BGI Press Website