The Tuviyahu Archives of the Negev  
(Aranne 4 Room 404)

The Archives were founded by David Tuviyahu.  They are open to the public and function as part of the Zalman Aranne Central Library.  The Archives specialize in the collection of documentary materials on the Negev over time, mainly from the beginning of the Twentieth Century onward, and emphasizing Jewish settlement.  Materials include documents from institutional and private archives, a picture collection of approximately 13,000 items, maps, local newspapers, news clippings etc.

Most of the documents, all the pictures and indexes to many of the Archives' collections have been scanned and uploaded to the Aranne Library website and are accessible via the Aleph Catalog.  This material is in Hebrew and must be searched in Hebrew.

The Archives are open to university researchers and to the general public.

Opening hours:  Sunday – Thursday 8:30 – 15:30

Telephone 08-6461425

Director of the Archives: Mira Vazana


The Audio-Visual Room  
(Aranne 3)

The Audio-Visual Room houses audio and video materials in different formats, for instance, cassettes, CD-Roms, DVDs, etc.  Also included are microfilm and microfiche journals and newspapers (e.g. Yediot Aharonot, Maariv and Ha-Arets) from different time periods.  Microform materials can be enlarged for reading and copying on the appropriate equipment.  The material can be scanned on request, for a fee.

Opening hours:  Sunday – Thursday 8:30 – 15:30

To order by telephone: 08-6461420

To order by e-mail:

Librarian-In-Charge: Anna Yevelson



The Isaiah Berlin Room  
(Aranne 3)

Two-hundred-fifty-five books that were given to the philosopher and historian of ideas Sir Isaiah Berlin, with dedications written by political leaders, authors and notable individuals were donated to the library's Humanities floor.
Some of the books are displayed in the closed Isaiah Berlin Room; and others are on view in special display cases.

Telephone: 08-6461419     E-mail:
Librarian-In-Charge: Anna Yevelson


The Rare Book Room 

  (Aranne 3)

The Rare Book Room houses books printed in the Sixteenth through Nineteenth Centuries. Materials from this collection may be requested from the librarians on the third floor (Humanities Reading Room).

 Instructions for the Use of Rare Books from the Aranne Library Collection
Aranne Library Rare Book Request Form

 Librarian-in-charge: Noam Feigenbaum



(Aranne 5 room 505)

This room holds the Passover Haggadot collection, most of which was donated by collector Gideon Elad from Kibbutz Hatzerim. The collection contains over a 1,000 traditional and non-traditional haggadot, translated into various languages and in different versions, facsimiles of ancient haggadot, modern ones illustrated by contemporary artists, some published as advertisements for newspapers or certain institutions or charities, and some for Israeli I.D.F. soldiers. There is a uniquely wide variety of non-traditional haggadot put out by kibbutzim and youth movements, especially Zionsit-socialist ones in Israel and abroad. There are also exemplars of non-Orthodox haggadot from the United States and those that are: egalitarian, feminist, gay/lesbian, vegetarian, and those by messianic Jews.

Telephone: 08-6461439 ; email:

Librarian-in-charge: Noam Feigenbaum