​​Facility Service Schedule

As a service: the X-ray lab staff does small molecule/protein structure determination.

A sample submission nee​ds to be filled prior to submission of samples. Please send the filled form to vainere@bgu.ac.il. The x-ray lab staff will contact you to schedule measurement.

x-ray sample submission form.pdf 

Price list:

Type of measurementServiceFor non-BGU members
Single Crystal x-ray diffractionSubmission of sample to preliminary check, “screening"30$
Full measurement, data analysis and structure determination, including preparation of file for publication (if required) - up to 4 hours of work500$
Powder x-ray diffractionPer sample30$


Updated price list for BGU researchers – please contact the x-ray lab staff for prices an​d policies, internal telephone number 61623 or via email: 

vainere@bgu.ac.il​ - Radion Vainer

markbara@post.bgu.ac.il​ - Mark Baranov