​Our Goal

The goal of the Center for Health Promotion and Health Equity is to influence health promotion policy and to reduce health inequality, both locally, in the Negev, and nationally, among Israel’s general population. Specifically, we promote research and teaching in the fields of health promotion, social epidemiology, and health inequality. This goal will be achieved through the development of programs and models that address the needs of marginalized communities, such as ethnic minorities and people living in poverty, improving women's health and promoting gender equality, as well as evaluating health promotion programs that focus on health inequalities. The center will seek to influence local, national and international actors to take action to address health inequities and initiate corporation between the different sectors in Israel.

Organization Structure

The Center for Health Promotion and Health Equity includes university faculty members who research health promotion, social epidemiology, and health equality policies. Faculty members will be admitted to the Center following approval by an executive board. Every member will be entitled to participate in the center’s activities and benefit from available funding, based on decisions made by the management committee.


​Prof. Nihaya Daoud

Management Committee

Prof. Nadav Davidovitch

Prof. Tuvia Horev

Prof. Dan Greenberg

Dr. Ziva Shetel

Ms. Miri Farkash


Chairperson:  Dr. Nihaya Dauod dauod@bug.ac.il

Coordinator:  Ms. Sharon Orshalimy orshalim@post.bug.ac.il