The Office of the Vice President and Dean for Research and Development is responsible for managing and developing all research activities at BGU. The main goal is to encourage and promote cutting-edge research based on the proven capabilities and expertise of our scholars and scientists. While diversity of research is fundamental to ensure a balanced environment for academic learning, specific emphasis is given to foci of uniqueness and excellence. In today's world, maintaining and expanding the quality and quantity of research is an ongoing challenge that requires ingenuity and resource development. We are committed to providing the most comprehensive tools and sophisticated laboratories necessary to promote advanced research at BGU.


The main tasks of the Vice President and Dean for R & D
and his staff are:

  • •  Initiate the strategic research plan for the University and strive for it's implementation;

  • •  Nurture a research-friendly environment that encourages scholars and scientists to achieve their research goals;

  • •  Supervise the operation of the Office of Sponsored Research;

  • •  Coordinate the operation of the University's technology transfer company BGN Technologies & Applications;

  • •  Chair committees related to research including the Research Committee, the Space Committee, the IP Committee and the Research Centers Committee;

  • •  Supervise over 20 University research institutes and centers;

  • •  Administer the internal funding of research projects;

  • •  Facilitate relations between University researchers and administration;

  • •  Oversee the compliance of researchers with international, state and university regulations.


The Research & Development Authority is responsible for preparing, interpreting, negotiating, and managing agreements for projects funded by international and state agencies, foundations, and other public and private sources. Its responsibilities include:

•  Dissemination of information about funding availability and formation of research teams

•  Expediting in submission of complete and quality research applications

•  Contract negotiation and endorsement.

•  Post grant management - budgeting and monitoring of funded projects

•  Reporting and responding to external auditors


BGN Technologies Ltd, the Technology Transfer Company initiates and administers the full range of research and technology relationships with industry.

•  Technology Licensing - BGN licenses technologies developed at BGU and enters into R&D agreements with companies worldwide.

•  Sponsored Research Agreements - BGN conducts research for companies wishing to take advantage of BGU's expertise and facilities.

•  University-Industry Consortia - BGN represents the University in a number of consortia established between industry and academia for the development of generic know-how to be used by the industrial partners for the future development of new and innovative products.

•  Start-up Companies - Many of BGU's inventions are new platform technologies or products and therefore have great "Start-up" potential. Some of these Start-ups can raise substantial funding right from start and operate as independent companies, while others will choose the Government funded Technological Incubator alternative. Up to date about 30 companies have been established based on BGU Know-how.