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Following discussions with the Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC), the Israel Science Foundation (ISF) is about to open a new funding track to support access for the entire community of researchers in academia to university research infrastructures located at universities around the country.

The following criteria of the research infrastructures to which grantees can be referred include:

  1. The service is provided within the infrastructure of an institutional, faculty, departmental, or inter-departmental unit, where the operation and maintenance of the equipment is the responsibility of the operating body and not the units of one or a number of researchers.

  2. At least 10% of the capacity of the service is open to users from other institutions.

  3. Information about the service and the way of registering for accessible service is open to all.

  4. The service is priced according to the institution's rules. Pricing is uniform for all researchers, but overhead will increase for external users.

  5. Access to the service is subject to academic adjustment of the requested service to the services provided at the infrastructure center, and compliance with the rules of the service units (ethical approvals, safety, etc.).

  6. For clarification, institutional equipment will also include advanced HPC computing equipment.

  7. Supplemental funding (up to 25%) can be covered by the researcher, including the submitted ISF grant.

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