New Research in the medical simulation ce​nter at BGU

We are seeking graduate students (MHA, MPH, Ph.D, MD-PhD) that are interested in doing their research at the simulation center in the following areas:

The effect of patient's age ​​​​​​​on clinical decision making at pre-hospital care

 This proposed research will focus on investigating the impact of a patient's age on clinical decision making, examining retrospective quantitative data to quantify this bias and recommend interventions that can enhance the quality of clinical decisions.

EMS (ambulance) transport method effects on ti​​mely car​​​e

​What are the elements that affect the time it takes a team in pre hospital  to get from the parking to the patient, and how we can shorten this time.

Patient medical condition classification

What are the factors that affect the way paramedics determine patient medical condition classification that is determined by the 101 call taker and the classification by the paramedic that arrives at the scene.

How a 101 call taker understands the patient condition and the scene

What are the differences between the information a call taker receives / processes from a phone call compared to a video call?

Some of the studies are funded and eligible students will receive scholarships to sponsor their studies. 

For more information on these research opportunities please contact: 

Prof. Yuval Bitan (ybitan@bgu.ac.il)
Department of Health Policy and Management
Director of SimReC, the Research Center for Simulation in Healthcare

Dr. Oren Wacht  (wacht@bgu.ac.il)
Head of the department of emergency medicine 
Academic director Field medical simulation center