SimReC is a multidisciplinary research center of excellence for the advancement of medical knowledge through simulations. It constitutes a framework for researchers and postgraduate research students from Israel and abroad, using the unique infrastructure of the Ben-Gurion university center for simulation in healthcare. To accomplish our mission, SimReC aims to: 

Shed new light on healthcare science, tools, processes, services and management through simulation - Develop, foster, and expand comprehensive research that increases our understanding of unique challenges the healthcare ecosystem will be facing in the foreseeing future. SimReC research will contribute to improvements in varied dimensions of the healthcare operation. 

Foster collaboration - SimReC will promote collaboration across varied disciplines. It will foster collaborative ventures between Ben-Gurion university's researchers and the affiliated organizations with collaborators from other research centers, leading scholars, and institutions in Israel and abroad; and promote the sharing of knowledge, advice, and experience for the benefit of all. 

Educate a new generation of practitioners - SimReC supports and encourages young researchers from various disciplines to add their voice and perspective to the study of healthcare. The students will work with leading researchers, using state of the art facility to conduct groundbreaking studies that will improve the healthcare systems.