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Operations management pertains to managing and directing the physical and/or technical functions of a firm or organization, particularly those relating to development, production, and manufacturing. The Paul Ivanier Center for Production Management at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev aims to advance multi-disciplinary research in the field of operations management. The research conducted by participating groups and scientists focuses on theoretical and practical aspects of supply chain management, operations research, business analytics, scheduling, queue theory, quality assurance, decision making, crisis management, agronomics and work environment design, safety and accident prevention. Applied research is advanced in various application fields such as manufacturing, service, and health.

The strength of the Paul Ivanier Center stems from cooperation and research ties formed between research groups from various University faculties and departments. The Center's core laboratory, the Integrated Manufacturing Technologies laboratory is located at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management. The laboratory comprises a complete assembly facility and all supporting production planning, control and management systems.