• Anthony S. Travis, deputy director 2007-2010, is senior research fellow (see under publications).

    • Noa Sophie Kohler, research fellow 2017 to present​
            • Sophie's current research traces and evaluates the impact that advancing technology has had on research questions or results in the field of genetic genealogy, while at the same time exposing underlying pre-conceived notions about the respective population groups in scientific research papers. She also examines how physical anthropologists in the 19th century used the scientific methods of their time to investigate whether there was a "Jewish race". In her previous research as our post-doctoral fellow 2010-2012, she reconstructed clusters of family names based on the genome-wide genetic data of Jewish populations of European origin​. 

            • Philippe Stamenkovic, postdoctoral fellow 2021 to 2022
            • In addition to the history of philosophy of science, Philippe's research interests lie in socially relevant philosophy of science, and especially the issue of values in science. At the Jacques Loeb Centre, he pursues a research project about scientific autonomy and values in science, inclubing a historical and philosophical analysis of the current debate; a case study about isalmic leftism in French academia; and interviews of former Soviet scientists who emigrated to Israel and have experienced scientific practice under a totalitarian regime. 


  • Klodian Coko, postdoctoral fellow 2019 to 2021.

Klodian Coko's current research project aims to provide a detailed analysis of the nature of replication in the experimental sciences. He is particularly interested in investigating the causes behind the current failure to replicate important findings published in leading scientific journals (also known as “the replication crisis").​ klodian.coko.hps@gmail.com

  • Alessandra Passariello, post-doctoral fellow, 2017 to 2019. 

    Alessandra researched the early history of molecular biology, focusing on the development of the biochemical knowledge which allowed the molecularization of embryology in the 1930s and 1940s. Particular emphasis is placed on the biological role of the concept of the "macromolecule".

  • Ari Barell, senior research fellow from 2013 -2019 and previously a post-doctoral fellow in 2012-2013. 

    Ari investigated the commercialization of scientific knowledge and its effects on scientific research. He previously researched the early scientific collaboration between Israel and Germany, as well as the relations between health, genetic research and nation/state building in Israel through the case study of Dr. Chaim Sheba (1908-1971).

            • Anna Zielinska, post-doctoral fellow at the Jacques Loeb Centre for 2015-2016. 

              Anna conducted research on ethics, law, and politics of assisted reproductive technology (ART).
              She has since gone on to become an associate professor at the University of Lorraine, Department of Philosophy


            • Cristian Timmermann, post-doctoral fellow at the Jacques Loeb Center for 2013-2014.

              Cristian he did research on the challenges in patenting pesticides and antibiotics, on how the concept of free-riding applies to intellectual property and on the idea of contributive justice.

            • Israel Belfer, post-doctoral fellow at the Jacques Loeb Centre for 2013-2014. 

            • Belfer analyzed the character of biology in the information age (molecular biology, evo-devo). This project had an interdisciplinary orientation, aimed at a scientific shift taking place over the past half-century across multiple disciplines and with influences on the social realm (the information age and big data) as well as the mode of scientific inquiry. Among the topics of research: current scientific discourse, new institutions and a new style of reasoning in an information-rich environment. 


              • Assaf Ganoth, post-doctoral fellow 2012-2013

                Assaf's research dealt with philosophical and socio-historical perspectives of biomolecular simulations.


        • Rony Armon, post-doctoral fellow 2008-2010

          Rony's research focused on the disciplinary history of the life sciences as it interacted with medical, industrial, and agricultural concerns. He concentrated on biochemistry while examining parallel developments in genetics and embryology.
          He has since become a Teaching Fellow in science communication at the University College of London.


      • Ahuva Gaziel, post-doctoral fellow 2009-2010

      • studied aspects of the history of the life sciences among Jews in the Middle Ages, and their relation to Jewish scholarship. Her main interest was the writings of Gersonides (1288-1344) on subjects of natural philosophy. Ahuva was a joint fellow of the Goldstein-Goren International Center for Jewish Thought at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Jacques Loeb Centre.


  • Nurit Kirsh, post-doctoral fellow 2008-2009,

    Nurit undertook research on the history of science in Israel, with the principle focus on biology; ideology and science and women in science. Currently she is the head of the Biological Thought M.A. Program at the Open University.