​​The ORCID identifier provides permanent and unique identification for academic researchers. Its purpose is to identify authors and prevent misattribution in publications, caused by identical names, exchange of surnames as a result of marriage, or cultural differences that make it difficult to understand names (for example, the order of first and last names, use of abbreviations), etc.  Many journals already use this identifier to identify the researchers who are in contact with them. It is important to note that the ORCID identifier is personal and will continue to accompany you throughout your academic career.

Please note that an ORCID ID is also required for registration in the university's PURE system, which is designed to manage the research products and the academic activity of the academic staff and research students. In this system, a personal profile with personal details, a list of publications, and additional information about the academic and research activity will be opened for each researcher.

For this purpose, every research student and postdoctoral fellow must open a personal ORCID account and link it to the institutional ORCID. The link between the two accounts allows the automatic harvesting of information about research products. In case you move to another institution in the future, you can link your personal ORCID identifier to the ORCID of the institution you will move to, thus maintaining the continuity of the information regarding your research products.


The required procedure is as follows:

A. Opening an ORCID account

You need to open an ORCID account on the official website.

B. linking to the ORCID account of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

After receiving an ORCID number, you must link it to the university's ORCID account

Instructions for linking the account are available in the library guidelines:


Access to the Kreitman computer system will be blocked for doctoral students who have not completed the linking process.


Postdoctoral fellows​

All fellows are requested to complete the institutional affiliation to the registration and send a confirmation to Ms. Carmit Lesly-Gropper: ca​rmitlg@bgu.ac.il​.

To receive a confirmation of the institutional affiliation, you must log in to your personal ORCID account - click on the Printable version - and save the document as a PDF file.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide postdoctoral fellows with a confirmation of the training without presenting a confirmation of the affiliation.

For any questions regarding the ORCID account, please contact the library staff at: Orcid@bgu.ac.il

Thank you for your cooperation.