Prof. Rony Granek
Ben-Gurion University (BGU) – Research Group
Department of Biotechnology Engineering
Contact Information
Department of Biotechnology Engineering
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
P.O.B 653 Beer-Sheva
84105 ISRAEL
Tel : 972-8-6479459
B.Sc. -              1983-1986, Tel-Aviv University, Physics,Summa cum Laude
Ph.D -               1986-1990, Tel-Aviv University, School of Chemistry, Dept. of Chemical Physics.
Name of advisor: Prof. Abraham Nitzan
Title of thesis: Stochastic Methods for Transport Processes in ionic and Molecular Systems in Condensed Phases.
Research Interests
Dynamics of membrane surfactant and phospholipid phases and shear induced structures in these systems
Statistical mechanics and dynamics of complex fluids, biomaterials, and biological systems:
Dynamics of semi-flexible polymers such as: DNA, actin filaments and microtubles.
Active transport and dynamics in vitro and in vivo.