Science Learning in Informal Environments

This research examines everyday engagement with science in the family setting, identity development in families and during museum visits, and discourse resources and embodied interactions involved in such processes.​

Teacher Professional Learning (PD)
This research explores discourse and collaborative learning processes among teachers in in-school team meetings and regional PD workshops.  We collaborate with teachers from a wide range of disciplinary areas (science, math, language arts and more), school principals, coaches, and administrators from two large MoE districts, as part of the national HASHKAFA  endeavor to improve the culture of PD.

Motivation for Science Learning in School and out of School
This research examines elementary and middle-school students' motivation to learn science in school and to engage with science out of school. It explores the factors affecting student motivation (in particular the age-related decline in their motivation): school culture (democratic vs. traditional schools), teaching approach, and parents' and friends' perceptions.​
Meaningful Learning through Academically Productive Dialogue

An experimental study examining the interrelationship between classroom discourse, cognitive skills, learning motivation, and academic achievement. The study is funded by the Israel Science Foundation, as a Center for Excellence, in collaboration with researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv University.​