​​​​​​Student's name

DegreeEmail addressSubject of researchDoctoral advisorSecond advisor
​Adar Stern ​MA​stern.adar@gmail.com​Analyzing different perspectives of urban settlements  quality of life well being and sustainability ​Meidad Kissinger
​Aharon Adam​MA​aharonad@post.bgu.ac.il​ Using topograp Using topographic data for
 examine the RSL formation mechanisms on mars.
It's in order to confirm \ disprove attendance
 of flowing water on mars surface.
​Dan Blumberg​Amit Moshkin
Itai Haviv
Alex ShtienPhDshtien@post.bgu.ac.ilEstimating daily concentrations of PM2.5 and PM10 pollutants using satellite-based AOD products and novel modeling approachsItai KloogShmuel Assouline, Volcani Center
Amgad Saleh Hjazin
PhDhijazen85@gmail.comEcological Ecosystem Services at the Arava, Israel, and the adjacent area in JordanPua BarNir Beker
​Amit Kalush
​Flash floods at the Ze'elim Basin outlet: monitoring and modelling
Jonathan Laronne

Amitai Refael Shnizik
MAshnizik@post.bgu.ac.il The Building Blocks of the Street: Sensory Experience and Sense of Well-BeingYodan Rofe
​Ariel Caspi
השלמת תזה​arielcaspi@gmail.com​Public transportation gaps of the elderly​Eran Ben Elia​Hillel Bar Gara
Lena Daicman
​Asher Elbaz
​​Nurit Alfasi

​Atwa Abu-freah


​ aboatia74@hotmail.com

​Indigenous and Uprooted : Space and Identity among Displaced Naqab Bedouins

​​Oren Yiftachel

​Yonathan Ensen
​Dan Lesser​MA​danless@post.bgu.ac.il​Highly resolved PM pollution monitoring using commercially viable dust sensors​Itai Kloog​Itzhak Katra
​Danielle Ben Shlomo​​MSc​bensdani@post.bgu.ac.il​Visualizing High Resolution Travelers' Spatiotemporal Accessibility Gaps​​Noam Tratinski​Eran Ben Elia
Itzhak Benenson (TAU)
David LehreaPhDdavid.lehrer@arava.orgDevelopment of a cost efficient model for nature conservation in IsraelPua Bar​Nir Beker
Diana BoginPhDdianakho@post.bgu.ac.ilThe Effect of household characteristics and lifestyle on electricity consumption in Beer Sheva homesMeidad Kissinger​Evyatar Erell
​Dor Fridman ​PhD​fridmand@post.bgu.ac.il​Biophysical sustainability of food system in a global and interconnected world​Meidad Kissinger
Dror BoginMABogind@post.bgu.ac.ilSpatial and Temporal Estimation of the Service Reliability of Public Transportation Using Big Data and Open Source ToolsEran Ben Elia
​Eden Skovronek​MA​edenskov@gmail.com ​Stoichiometric constrains induced by elevated CO2 on soil phosphorus and carbon dynamics in Mediterranean ​​Avner Gross
Ela Romov
MAelarom@post.bgu.ac.ilA comparative view of environmental impact assessments on the landscape aspect of renewable energies.Naama TeschnerShimrit Maman (BGU, Homeland Security institute)
​Elad Elkalay
​Commercials for housing and the type of living spaces portrayed by them
​Nurit Alfasi​

​Elad Shaviv
​eshaviv@nakitech.com ​
​Roles and responsibilities of new players in a decentralized electricity system
​Naama Teschner

Eran Halfi
PhDeranhalf@post.bgu.ac.ilCharacterization of bedload flux and suspended sediment grouping in unsteady flows in an ephemeral riveJonathan LaronneDavid Katoshevsky (Environmental Engineering)
​Erela Hamilton
​Nurit Alfasi

Eyal HattavMAhattaveyal02@gmail.comStadiums and their urban roleYodan Rofe 
​Hanna Hennig
PhDhanna.hennig@ufz.deModeling flashfloods from and in arid catchments in the Judean DesertRalf Merz, Univ HalleJonathan Laronne, Christian Siebert, UFZ
Hila Shlomi
MAhilashlo@post.bgu.ac.ilThe impact of communities on the urban environment: a view from outside the communityAvinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
​Hodaya Ganashvili​
MA hodayushu@gmail.com​Material and embodied energy analysis of residential neighborhood construction​Meidad Kissinger​David Pearlmutter
​Huda Abuzaid

The Consequences of Displacement in Colonial Urbanization: Comparative Analysis of Jerusalem
and Hebron
​Oren Yiftachel

Ian HoughPhDhough@post.bgu.ac.iLClimate change, air pollution, and perinatal health: the combined effects of temperature and air pollution in sensitive populationsItai KloogNurit Alfasi
Ido Ahron
PhDidoah@tauex.tau.ac.ilPublic benefits and vulnerabilities associated with the adoption of communal technologiesNurit Alfasi 
​Inbal Ronay​MA​inbalron@post.bgu.ac.il​Weed interference effect on the physiology
and reflectance characteristics of corn
​Dan Blumberg​Johnatan Efrat
Hanan Izenberg
​Inbar Shtutman PhD​​shtutmin@post.bgu.ac.il​Analyzing the contribution of integrated pathways to national food system sustainability​​Meidad KissingerNawin Ramnkoti (UBC)​
Itai KerenMAitayker@post.bgu.ac.iThe impact of a-biotic variables on species composition and diversity of plants and butterflies at 5 cities at the coastal plain, IsraelPua BarDan Melkinson
​Ira Dayan​PhD​​dayanir@post.bgu.ac.il​point target and anomaly detection​Stenly Rotman​​Dan Blumberg
Kyle Stark
PhDkyle.stark@student.nmt.eduBedload and suspended sediment dynamics in the sandy-gravel Arroyo e los PiñosDan Cado, NMT, USAJonathan Laronne
​Laurencia Maya Starr
​MA​laurenci.starr@mail.huji.ac.il ​Phosphorus cycle in Medmediterranean forests​Avner Gross
​Lee-el Zaban Strum
​Symbolic Urban Displacement: a Comparative Study of Synagogues in Southern Israel
Oren Yiftachel
​Erez Tzfadia

​Liel Olesya Sharon​MSc​lieloles@post.bgu.ac.il​Reconstruction of transportation trajectory from cellular data using machine learning algorithm​Dan Vilanchick​Eran Ben Elia
​Lior Netzer
​PhD​Liorn@water.gov.il​Physical and chemical processes in infiltration of urban runoff​Meni Ben Hur (Volcani Center)​Itzhak Katra
​Lior Saban
​Sand segregation in aeolian megaripple formation
​​Itzhak Katra

​Hezi Yizhach
​Lonia Friedlander​PostDoc​friedlal@post.bgu.ac.ilThe use of remote sensing to detect
and monitor areas with trace metal contaminated soil
​Dan Blumberg​Noam Wisbord
Madeline RichardsMScMadeline.Richards@student.nmt.eduRainfall-runoff and transmission losses in the semiarid Arroyo de los PinosDan Cado, NMT, USA​Jonathan Laronne
Maisa Totry-FakhouryPhDmaisatotry@gmail.comDefining Spatial Codes in Arab Town in IsraelNurit Alfasi​Oren Yiftachel
Mariela Yabu
PhD​​mariela229@gmail.comPlanning attitudes toward accessability for people with disabilitiesNurit Alfasi
​Mark Perlshtien
​ Hybrid spatio-temporal model for estimating daily NO2 and O3 
concentrations incorporating OMI satellite data using machine-learning method across Israel

​Itai Kloog

​Matanya Hamawi
​PhD​hamawim@post.bgu.ac.il​Transport of bedload within catchments of ephemeral rivers based on seismic signals​Liran Goren​Jonathan Laronne
Dr Jens Turowski, GFZ
​Maya Laurenica Star
​Phosphorus fertilization of trees with desert dust
​​Avner Gross

​Tamir Klain
​Maya Tushinski
​Urban regeneration tolls​
​​Nurit Alfasi

Michael Vatenmacher
PhDmichael@i-cepa.comElements Geographic position influence on infrastructure functioning in emergenciesTal Svoray​Shabtai Isaac, Department of Structural Engineering
​Michal ​Zachor

​Nurit Alfasi

​Rachel Katoshevsky- outside advisor
​Michelle Levenson
​Pedestrian behavior and thermal perception under varying urban microclimatic conditions 
​​David Pearlmutter

​Or Alexandovich (Technion)
​Mor Collins
​MAcollins@post.bgu.ac.il​The adoption of shared autonomous vehicle in a continuous and multiplayer game​Eran Ben Elia
​Moshe Halperen
PostDoc​moshehalpern416@hotmail.com ​Stoichiometric constrains induced by elevated CO2 on soil phosphorus and carbon dynamics in Mediterranean ecosystem​Avner Gross
​Naama Rudintski
​The effect of ocean acidification on dust phosphorus solbilization
​​Avner Gross

​Gilad Antler
​Nadav Shalit
​MSc​shanad@post.bgu.ac.il​Using smartcard data and machine learning to improve publc transport data quality​Miki Pier​Eran Ben Elia
Itzhak Benenson (TAU)
​Nadina Levitt
​MA​lavbekzy@gmail.com​Dust sources in the Northern African Deserts:
 identification and evaluation of dust emission dynamics using remote sensing
​​​​​Meidad Kissinger
​Naomi Kahana

​Channel stability upstream and downstream of the crossings over the feeder canals from the P9 pumping station on Wadi Ze'elim fan
​Liran Goren

​Jonathan Laronne

​Netta Amar-Shiff

​ nowar1972@gmail.com

​The Legal-Geography of forcible displacement: International law and the Bedouins in israel/palestine 1917-2017

​​Oren Yiftachel

​Sandy (Alexander) Kedar

​Noah Joelson
​What distinguishes rural from suburban? Characteristics of rural settlements in the Jewish sector in an era of renewal
​Yodan Rofe

​Noa Mata
​Residential preferences in Israel
​Nurit Alfasi

Noam Lasker
MAlaskerno@post.bgu.ac.ilDeveloping a new accessibility measure using temporal and spatial data in the Greater Boston areaItai Kloog
​Oded Haas

​The local politics of the global housing crisis: lessons about displaceability from Israel/Palestine
​Oren Yiftachel

​Erez Tzfadia

​Ofer Lavi Bekin
​PhD​lavbekzy@gmail.comDust sources in the Northern African Deserts:
 identification and evaluation of dust emission dynamics using remote sensing​
​Dan Blumberg​On Krobi
​Omer Reichstein

​Guy Shani
​​Evyatar Erell

​Omri Carmon
​Socio-spatial impacts of decarbonized, decentralized electricity markets
​Naama Teschner
​​​​Meidad Kissinger, Yael Pereg, Shiri Tsemach Shamir

Omri KerenMAomriker@post.bgu.ac.ilInfrastructure planningNurit AlfasiRachel Katoshevsky- outside advisor
Racheli Armoza-ZvuluniPostDocrachel@adssc.orgThe Influence of changes in rainfall, runoff events and anthropgenic activity on acacias in the S. Negev and AravaJonathan Laronne​Eli Groner
Gedeon Winters
Ron NativPhDronnat@post.bgu.ac.ilInfluence of boulder delivery from hillslopes on channel morphology – from process to landscape scaleLiran Goren (Geology)Jonathan Laronne, Prof. Niels Hovius, Univ. Potsdam, Jens Turowski, GFZ
Ron Sarafian
​PhDronsar@post.bgu.ac.ilGeographical Applications of Modern Statistical Learning Algorithm​Itai KloogJohanna Lepeule
Roni ArtziMAroniart@post.bgu.ac.ilSpace-time analysis of emotions in different land uses using Twitter dataTal Svoray​Shahar Golan (psychology department)
​Roni Gil'ad​MA​ronigil@post.bgu.ac.il​Evyatar Erell
​Rukmini Chakrabarti
​MA​chakrabarti.rukmini@gmail.com​Sub-national Rice systems sustainability assessment in India ​​​​Meidad Kissinger
Saeed Miari
PhDmiari@gmail.comImpact of urbanization and modernization on the commons in Arab settlements in IsraelAvinoam Meir​Nurit Alfasi
​Sandy Glasgo

​sandra.glasgo@student.nmt.edu ​
​Open channel flow & sedimentation models, Arroyo de los Pinos 
​Dan Cado, NMT, USA

​​​​​Jonathan Laronne

​Sara Adar

​Mgnitude and processes of runoff and fluvial erosion - Mishor Yamin
Itay Haviv

​​​​Jonathan Laronne
​Shai Langford​MA​shaylang@post.bgu.ac.il​Analyzing households electricity consumption (patterns and end-use evaluation) using real time monitoring​​​Meidad Kissinger
​Sharllyn Pimentel
​Middle Rio Grande repsponse to sediment-related tributary inputs: Arroyo de los Pinos​Dan Cado, NMT, USA​Jonathan Laronne
Sharon Eshel​​PhD

​Housing, planning and social stratification on the outskirts of the metropolitan area: Nationalization and privatization in planning deals in the neoliberal era
​Oren Yiftachel

​Talia Margalit

​Shaked Kaufman​MSc​shakedka@post.bgu.ac.il​Bus Lanes Planning Data Visualization​Noam Tratinski​Eran Ben Elia
​Sharon Geva​MA
​sharonge@post.bgu.ac.il​Understanding the process of choosing a parking space in the city through serious games and virtual reality​​Eran Ben Elia
​Sharon Ravitz Wyngaard​PhD​sharonra@post.bgu.ac.il​An integrated socio-environmental analysis of desert food production system​​​Meidad Kissinger
​Shaul Shmilovich​MSc​shaulshm@post.bgu.ac.il​Development and examination of compressive
hyperspectral imagers for satellites.
​On Krobi​Adrian Stern
Dan Blumberg
​Shiran Havivi
​PhD​havivi@post.bgu.ac.il​Integrating data from different sensors for damage
 assessment after a natural disaster in rural areas
​​Dan Blumberg​Stenly Rotman
Shimrit Maman
​Shulamit Nussboim

​Transport processes of solutes and suspended solids from the basin to the Kishon Stream

​​​Jonathan Laronne

​Sophie Lagarde

​Sesmic monitoring of processes of hillslope instability
​Niels Hovius, Univ. Potsdam
​​​​Jonathan Laronne
​Sudeep TiwariPostDoc​sudipnst@gmail.com​Dust as a natural phosphorus fertilzier: can plants assimilate phosphorus from dust that setteled on their leaves?​Avner GrossRan Harel​
​Suresh ThappetaPostDoc​sthappeta@gmail.com​Turbulence in flash flood bores​​Jonathan Laronne​Joel Johnson, U. Texas, Austin
​Tal HarEven -Lev
​MA​talshtin@post.bgu.ac.il​Sustainable Cities:A Neighbourhoods Carbon Footprint analysis – The City Tel Aviv Yafo​​​​​Meidad Kissinger
​Tal Rosengarten
​Evyatar Erell
​Tamar Cohner-Avraham
​​Yodan Rofe

​Tom Kacholi

​Measuring water velocity and determining water discharge, roughness and advanced stage-discharge relations
Itay Haviv
​​​Jonathan Laronne

Tzur Blank​
​Development of an integral microclimatic analysis tool for combating urban heating
​David Pearlmutter
Or Alexandovich (Technion)

​Uri Ansenberg

​Real-Estate Valuation and Urban Displacement Processes
​Oren Yiftachel

​Erez Tzfadia

​Vered Uziel​PhD​vereduz@post.bgu. ac.il
​The Impact of Public Transportation on Gender Equality in the Municipal Space​Eran Ben Elia
Yael Neumeier
PhDyael.noymi@mail.huji.ac.ilEffects of ocean acidification on phosphorus release from dust deposition in seawaterAvner GrossGilad Antler​
​Yehezkel Lein 
​Settlers in Post-Colonial Settings: The Political Geography of a Sustainable Coexistence
​​Oren Yiftachel

​Yuval Damari
​PhD​yuval1348@gmail.com​An integrated socio-environmental analysis of national food consumption and its implications for sustainable food systems in a changing world – past, present and future trends​​​​Meidad Kissinger
​Yuval Knaan​PhD​yuvalknaan@gmail.com​Relationships in space bewteen military and civil geogrpahical entities and production of space​Avinoam Meir​Oren Yiftachel
​Yuval Tamar Hefler ​MA​hefler@post.bgu.ac.il​Wine vineyards life cycle assessment ​​​​​Meidad Kissinger
Zohar FinghurtMAzoharfin@post.bgu.ac.ilPlacemaking: the relationships between the involved partiesNurit Alfasi