Student's name

DegreeEmail addressSubject of researchDoctoral advisorSecond advisor
​Adar Stern ​MA​​Analyzing different perspectives of urban settlements  quality of life well being and sustainability ​Meidad Kissinger
​Aharon Adam​MA​​ Using topograp Using topographic data for
 examine the RSL formation mechanisms on mars.
It's in order to confirm \ disprove attendance
 of flowing water on mars surface.
​Dan Blumberg​Dr. Amit Moshkin
Prof. Itai Haviv
Alex daily concentrations of PM2.5 and PM10 pollutants using satellite-based AOD products and novel modeling approachsItai KloogShmuel Assouline, Volcani Center
Amgad Saleh HjazinPhDhijazen85@gmail.comEcological Ecosystem Services at the Arava, Israel, and the adjacent area in JordanPua BarNir Beker
Amitai Refael The Building Blocks of the Street: Sensory Experience and Sense of Well-BeingYodan Rofe
​Ariel Caspiהשלמת תזה​​Public transportation gaps of the elderly​Eran Ben Elia​Hillel Bar Gara
Lena Daicman
​Dan Lesser​MA​​Highly resolved PM pollution monitoring using commercially viable dust sensors​Itai Kloog​Itzhak Katra
​Danielle Ben Shlomo​​MSc​​Visualizing High Resolution Travelers' Spatiotemporal Accessibility Gaps​​Prof. Noam Tratinski​Eran Ben Elia
Prof. Itzhak Benenson (TAU)
David LehreaPhDdavid.lehrer@arava.orgDevelopment of a cost efficient model for nature conservation in IsraelPua Bar​Nir Beker
Diana Effect of household characteristics and lifestyle on electricity consumption in Beer Sheva homesMeidad Kissinger​Evyatar Erell
​Dor Fridman ​PhD​​Biophysical sustainability of food system in a global and interconnected world​Meidad Kissinger
Dror and Temporal Estimation of the Service Reliability of Public Transportation Using Big Data and Open Source ToolsEran Ben Elia
​Eden Skovronek​MA​ ​Stoichiometric constrains induced by elevated CO2 on soil phosphorus and carbon dynamics in Mediterranean ​​Avner Gross
Ela comparative view of environmental impact assessments on the landscape aspect of renewable energies.Naama TeschnerShimrit Maman (BGU, Homeland Security institute)
Eran of bedload flux and suspended sediment grouping in unsteady flows in an ephemeral riveJonathan LaronneDavid Katoshevsky (Environmental Engineering)
Eyal HattavMAhattaveyal02@gmail.comStadiums and their urban roleYodan Rofe 
Galit Wishes and Attitudes of Bedouin Women Living in Informal Villages Towards Their Planning Yodan Rofe
Gefen and sediment from natural and reclaimed hillslopes in the Zin-Oron phosphate mines as a background for optimal reclamationJonathan LaronneDan Blumberg, Eli Argaman (Ministry of Agriculture)
Hanna HennigPhDhanna.hennig@ufz.deModeling flashfloods from and in arid catchments in the Judean DesertRalf Merz, Univ HalleJonathan Laronne, Christian Siebert, UFZ
Harel Yehuda Zoharהשלמת תזה management in Israel: between politics and social justiceNurit Alfasi 
Heli ZecharyaMAhelizacharya@gmail.comFactors affecting choice of location by urban communitiesAvinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
Hila impact of communities on the urban environment: a view from outside the communityAvinoam MeirNurit Alfasi
​Hodaya GanashviliMA​Material and embodied energy analysis of residential neighborhood construction​Meidad Kissinger​David Pearlmutter
Ian change, air pollution, and perinatal health: the combined effects of temperature and air pollution in sensitive populationsItai KloogNurit Alfasi
Ido benefits and vulnerabilities associated with the adoption of communal technologiesNurit Alfasi 
​Inbal Ronay​MA​​Weed interference effect on the physiology
and reflectance characteristics of corn
​Dan Blumberg​Prof. Johnatan Efrat
Prof. Hanan Izenberg
​Inbar Shtutman PhD​​​Analyzing the contribution of integrated pathways to national food system sustainability​​Meidad KissingerNawin Ramnkoti (UBC)​
Itai impact of a-biotic variables on species composition and diversity of plants and butterflies at 5 cities at the coastal plain, IsraelPua BarDan Melkinson
​Ira Dayan​PhD​​​point target and anomaly detection​Prof. Stenly Rotman​​Dan Blumberg
Isaac Dima Agriculture in  Israel in the Eyes of its Practicioners: Directions for development and challengesYodan RofeNurit Alfasi
Kobi regeneration in a neoliberal world: property-led versus public-space-led developmentNurit Alfasi
Kyle StarkPhDkyle.stark@student.nmt.eduBedload and suspended sediment dynamics in the sandy-gravel Arroyo e los PiñosDan Cado, NMT, USAJonathan Laronne
​Laurencia Maya Starr​MA​ ​Phosphorus cycle in Medmediterranean forests​Avner Gross
​Liel Olesya Sharon​MSc​​Reconstruction of transportation trajectory from cellular data using machine learning algorithm​Dr. Dan Vilanchick​Eran Ben Elia
Lihi GoldfarbMScgolihi5@gmail.comIdentifying locations in the Secher and Hovav channels where capillary rise and salt deposition on the surface cause high solute concentrations at the onset of floodsJonathan LaronneEilon Adar (Hydrol. Desert Res. Center)
​Lior Netzer​PhD​​Physical and chemical processes in infiltration of urban runoff​Meni Ben Hur (Volcani Center)​Itzhak Katra
​Lonia Friedlander​PostDoc​ use of remote sensing to detect
and monitor areas with trace metal contaminated soil
​Dan Blumberg​Prof. Noam Wisbord
Madeline RichardsMScMadeline.Richards@student.nmt.eduRainfall-runoff and transmission losses in the semiarid Arroyo de los PinosDan Cado, NMT, USA​Jonathan Laronne
Maisa Totry-FakhouryPhDmaisatotry@gmail.comDefining Spatial Codes in Arab Town in IsraelNurit Alfasi​Oren Yiftachel
Mariela YabuPhD​​mariela229@gmail.comPlanning attitudes toward accessability for people with disabilitiesNurit Alfasi
Matan utility of plannig tools for protecting ecological corridorsNurit Alfasi 
​Matanya Hamawi​PhD​​Transport of bedload within catchments of ephemeral rivers based on seismic signals​Prof. Liran Goren​Jonathan Laronne
Dr Jens Turowski, GFZ
Michael VatenmacherPhDmichael@i-cepa.comElements Geographic position influence on infrastructure functioning in emergenciesTal Svoray​Shabtai Isaac, Department of Structural Engineering
Misgav measurements of infiltration rates and transport of oil components above and below the surface of the braided channels of the Evrona Nature Reserve during flood eventsRoi Bernstein (Enviro. Engineering)​Ofer Dahan (Hydrol. Desert Research Inst.)
​Mor Collins​​The adoption of shared autonomous vehicle in a continuous and multiplayer game​Eran Ben Elia
​Moshe HalperenPostDoc​ ​Stoichiometric constrains induced by elevated CO2 on soil phosphorus and carbon dynamics in Mediterranean ecosystem​Avner Gross
Nadav of soil conservation methods on runoff and soil erosion rates in the Harod Valley, IsraelJonathan LaronneDan Blumberg, Meni Ben Hur (Volcani Center)
Nadav influence of flow events on the incision of steep and coarse-grained channels responding to base-level lowering: Nahal David and Nahal QedemLiran GorenJonathan Laronne
​Nadav Shalit​MSc​​Using smartcard data and machine learning to improve publc transport data quality​Dr. Miki Pier​Eran Ben Elia
Prof. Itzhak Benenson (TAU)
​Nadina Levitt​MA​​Dust sources in the Northern African Deserts:
 identification and evaluation of dust emission dynamics using remote sensing
​​​​​Meidad Kissinger
Noam a new accessibility measure using temporal and spatial data in the Greater Boston areaItai Kloog
​Ofer Lavi Bekin​PhD​lavbekzy@gmail.comDust sources in the Northern African Deserts:
 identification and evaluation of dust emission dynamics using remote sensing​
​Dan Blumberg​Dr. On Krobi
Omri planningNurit AlfasiRachel Katoshevsky- outside advisor
Racheli Armoza-ZvuluniPostDocrachel@adssc.orgThe Influence of changes in rainfall, runoff events and anthropgenic activity on acacias in the S. Negev and AravaJonathan Laronne​Eli Groner
Gedeon Winters
Ron of boulder delivery from hillslopes on channel morphology – from process to landscape scaleLiran Goren (Geology)Jonathan Laronne, Prof. Niels Hovius, Univ. Potsdam, Dr. Jens Turowski, GFZ
Ron Sarafian
​ Applications of Modern Statistical Learning Algorithm​Itai KloogDr. Johanna Lepeule
Roni analysis of emotions in different land uses using Twitter dataTal Svoray​Shahar Golan (psychology department)
​Roni Gil'ad​MA​​Evyatar Erell
Roy Fabianהשלמת תזהrofa69@gmail.comTwin cities as a tool for urban regenerationNurit Alfasi 
​Rukmini Chakrabarti ​MA​​Sub-national Rice systems sustainability assessment in India ​​​​Meidad Kissinger
Saeed MiariPhDmiari@gmail.comImpact of urbanization and modernization on the commons in Arab settlements in IsraelAvinoam Meir​Nurit Alfasi
​Shai Langford​MA​​Analyzing households electricity consumption (patterns and end-use evaluation) using real time monitoring​​​Meidad Kissinger
​Sharllyn Pimentel​
​Middle Rio Grande repsponse to sediment-related tributary inputs: Arroyo de los Pinos​Dan Cado, NMT, USA​Jonathan Laronne
​Shaked Kaufman​MSc​​Bus Lanes Planning Data Visualization​Prof. Noam Tratinski​Eran Ben Elia
​Sharon Geva​MA​​Understanding the process of choosing a parking space in the city through serious games and virtual reality​​Eran Ben Elia
​Sharon Ravitz Wyngaard​PhD​​An integrated socio-environmental analysis of desert food production system​​​Meidad Kissinger
​Shaul Shmilovich​MSc​​Development and examination of compressive
hyperspectral imagers for satellites.
​Dr. On Krobi​Prof. Adrian Stern
Dan Blumberg
​Shiran Havivi​PhD​​Integrating data from different sensors for damage
 assessment after a natural disaster in rural areas
​​Dan Blumberg​Prof. Stenly Rotman
Dr. Shimrit Maman
​Sudeep TiwariPostDoc​​Dust as a natural phosphorus fertilzier: can plants assimilate phosphorus from dust that setteled on their leaves?​Avner GrossRan Harel​
​Suresh ThappetaPostDoc​​Turbulence in flash flood bores​​Jonathan Laronne​Prof Joel Johnson, U. Texas, Austin
Tal formation of alternate gravel bars with intervening fine-grained flats in desert ephemeral channels exemplified by Nahal YatirYossi Hatzor​Jonathan Laronne
​Tal HarEven -Lev​MA​​Sustainable Cities:A Neighbourhoods Carbon Footprint analysis – The City Tel Aviv Yafo​​​​​Meidad Kissinger
​Tal Rosengarten​MA​ ​Evyatar Erell
​Vered Uziel​PhD​vereduz@post.bgu.​The Impact of Public Transportation on Gender Equality in the Municipal Space​Eran Ben Elia
Vlad viability of residential BIPV in dense urban areas in IsraelItai KloogEvyatar Erell
Yael of ocean acidification on phosphorus release from dust deposition in seawaterAvner GrossGilad Antler​
Yael impact of urban structure on the sense of community: the case of BeershebaNurit Alfasi 
Yair (LAN) estimation model development using hybrid satellite and high resolution Land Use Regression (LUR) across the state of IsraelItai KloogEvyatar Erell
​Yuval Damari​PhD​​An integrated socio-environmental analysis of national food consumption and its implications for sustainable food systems in a changing world – past, present and future trends​​​​Meidad Kissinger
​Yuval Knaan​PhD​​Relationships in space bewteen military and civil geogrpahical entities and production of space​Avinoam Meir​Oren Yiftachel
​Yuval Tamar Hefler ​MA​​Wine vineyards life cycle assessment ​​​​​Meidad Kissinger
Zohar the relationships between the involved partiesNurit Alfasi