Yigal Schwartz (1954) is the founding director of "Heksherim": The Research Institute for Jewish and Israeli Literature and Culture at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Schwartz earned his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1989 and did post-doctoral work at Oxford University, England.  He has been a visiting professor at Harvard University, as well as at the University of Michigan and Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He was Head of the Hebrew Literature department at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Head of the Hebrew Literature department at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Schwartz has authored twelve books (Three of them were translated to English) and numerous scholarly articles. His writings have been published in eleven languages.

Schwartz was head of Hebrew literature division at Keter Publishing. He edited the periodicals Literary Review "Efes Shetaim" (אפס שתיים: כתב עת לספרות) (with Zeruya Shalev), The Heksherim Lexicon of Israeli Authors (לקסיקון הקשרים לסופרים ישראלים) (with Zissi Stavi), the literary series Mosag
(מושג) with Ruth Kartun-Blum and Uzi Shavit and also the literary series Critical Mass (מסה קריטית).

Today, he is the senior literary editor for Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Dvir, the largest publisher in Israel. He is chief editor of the Literary Series "Retro" (רטרו סיפורת עברית) (with Moria Dayan-Kodish) and "Rouah Tzad" (רוח צד) (with Dekel shay Schory) and also serves as co-editor of the journal “Israel Review-BGU".

He has edited over 250 reference books and literary works in Israel and abroad.

Authored Books

  1. Schwartz, Yigal. Living for Living: Aharon Reuveni, a Monograph.לחיות כדי לחיות: אהרון ראובני – מונוגרפיה  (in Hebrew). Jerusalem: Yad Yitzhak Ben-Zvi and Magnes, Hebrew University, 1993, 339 pp.

  2. Schwartz, Yigal. From Individual Lament to Tribal Eternity: Aharon Appelfeld's Worldview. קינת היחיד ונצח השבט: אהרון אפלפלד- תמונת עולם (in Hebrew). Jerusalem: Keter and Magnes, Hebrew University, 1996, 235 pp.

  3. Schwartz, Yigal. Aharon Appelfeld: From Individual Lament to Tribal Eternity (in English). Hanover and London: Brandeis University Press and the University Press of New England, 2001, 194 pp. (The English edition includes an introduction by Prof. Arnold Band of UCLA.)

  4. Schwartz, Yigal, Vantage Point. מה שרואים מכאן: סוגיות בהיסטוריוגרפיה של הספרות העברית. (in Hebrew).  Tel Aviv: Dvir Publishing House, 460 pp.

  5. Schwartz, Yigal. Do You Know The Land Where The Lemon Tree Blooms?  הידעת את הארץ שם הלימון פורח (in Hebrew).  Tel Aviv: Dvir Publishing house, 650 pp.

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  12. Schwartz, Yigal, Story and History: History, Biography and Literature (in Hebrew)  ,מעת לעט: היסטוריה, ביוגרפיה וספרות, Hevel Modi'in: Dvir, 2017, 424 pp.

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  15. Schwartz, Yigal, Why the Puss has Boots? (in Hebrew), Jerusalem and Tel Aviv: Magnes and Levinsky College, 2021, 157 pp.​

Reaserch Novel:

  1. Schwartz Yigal, Hungerain Chorus, (in Hebrew) מקהלה הונגרית, Dvir, Or Yehuda, 2014.

Children's Book:

  1. Schwartz, Zohar & Schwartz, Yigal. What is the Moon Really Made Of? Kinneret Zmora-Bitan Publishing House, 2010.