An online journal of ​Israeli culture in English, supported by the Axel Springer Foundation​

The BGU Review is a multidisciplinary journal that appears in English, sponsored by the Heksherim Institute at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. The journal presents translations of seminal essays and research regarding various areas of Israeli culture.

This journal addresses a specific need. We have noted that in academic and intellectual circles world-wide there is very limited information about Israel, and it is crucial that this knowledge increase. A well-informed reader who is interested in Israel may receive extensive journalistic reports in newspapers, but these do not begin to address the complexity of Israeli culture. The academic reader may be familiar with professional material that covers a specific area of study concerning Israel, but academic writing often lacks a wider socio-cultural perspective.

The greater intellectual community, therefore, lacks a sense of the depth and variety of Israeli cultural in areas that remain beyond either general news coverage or specific academic research. We intend to provide these readers with access to Israeli culture in all its diversity through the work of specialists in sociology, historical research, the state of Israeli education, current trends in literature and the arts, the social application of natural science, and many other areas.

Our choice of English for the BGU Review is based upon the current status of English as the international language of intellectual discourse. We hope that our decision publish in English will make these works accessible to interested readers in non-English speaking countries.