Third Issue, 2013
Publish Date: November 2013


  • Editors: Batya Shimony and Yigal Schwartz

  • Editorial Board: Eitan Bar-Yosef, Hanna Soker-Schwager, Anat Weisman

  • Translation Editor: Hannah A. Komy Ofir

The new volume of the electronic journal BGU Review is dedicated to the works of authors and poets of the second generation of the 1950s immigration to Israel. All of these writers are the children of immigrants from Arab countries, with the exception of Leah Aini, whose father is a native of Salonika and whose mother is Nashdidani, and are known in Israeli society as “Mizrahim”. They grew up in the social and cultural periphery of Israel. In the past several decades, their works, which began to be published in the 1980s and 1990s, have come to fruition and have arrived at a position of honor in the Israeli literary space. This literature offers novel poetic and thematic directions that challenged accepted social and national ideologies and offered a new language with which to understand Israeli society and culture. In this volume, we present a poetical-personal essay by each one of the writers, accompanied by an academic article that addresses his or her works, as well as a panoramic article that discusses the Holocaust connection in the works of this generation of writers.

This issue is based on the conference "Between East and West: Oriental Writers and Orientalism in Israeli Literature and Culture”, which was held in Heidelberg, Germany in April 2013. The conference was initiated and organized by Prof. Anat Feinberg, Hochschule für Jüdische Studien, Heidelberg and Prof. Yigal Schwartz, Director of Heksherim: The Research Institute for Jewish and Israeli Literature and Culture, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

All of the articles were translated to English by Hannah Komy Ofir.
We thank her for her excellent and helpful work.

Fall 2013

Article (PDF)
Batya ShimonyIdentity, Status, and the Shadow of the Holocaust in the Work of Second-Generation Mizrahi Writers
Leah AiniThe Violence of the Survivors
Yigal SchwartzThe Leah Aini Project: Literature as an Act of Survival
Shimon AdafWho Gave You a Language, Who Told You: "Speak Now"?
Hadas Shabat-Nadir"The Private Shadow and the Shadows that are Cast upon Me": What is a Mizrahi Writer? On Shimon Adaf’s Early Poetry
Amira HessA Personality Not Made to Adapt to this Reality
Almog BeharIdentity and Gender in the Poetry of Amira Hess
Ronny SomeckThe Ballet Dance of the Pita in the Hummus Plate
Ktzia Alon Strong Opposition under Hegemonic Poetics: One Comment on the Poetry of Ronny Someck