To open new frontiers through the pursuit of excellence in public health education, research, and service.

Within the context of the "Beer-Sheva Spirit," our mission to excellence has the following specific dimensions:



TeachingTo provide the best and most updated teaching to all levels of undergraduate and graduate students in all the FOHS schools and programs. Train our students in cutting edge research methodology in all fields of public health, preparing them to initiate original research, conduct research projects with uncompromised intellectual integrity, and to work in collaboration with other researchers.

ResearchEncourage department members to initiate, secure funding, and conduct excellent research in all fields of epidemiology and public health, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration involving basic science, clinical practice, and epidemiology. While encouraging research addressing local health issues, we strive to become involved in international research projects as well.

Service​The department will provide consultation and guidance to decision makers in the healthcare system at both the local and national levels. It will help plan and evaluate collaborative studies and intervention projects providing essential and valid scientific knowledge to inform policy makers, in order to address specific health concerns and promote population health.​