1.      Assessment of symptoms control and needs identification of Israeli cancer children and their parents.
Dr Shragit Greenberg

2.      Intervention and evaluation of a healthy life style fellows program.
Prof. Pesach Shvartzman

3.      Intervention and evaluation of establishment of a university smoking cessation and prevention center.
Prof. Pesach Shvartzman

4.      Ben-Gurion University- providing palliative care for the Negev populationy.
Dr Singer Yoram

5.      A National education and training program in palliative care- evaluation of innovative models.
 Prof. Pesach Shvartzman

6.      Investigation and treatment of nasal Staph. Aureus carriers in perennial allergic rhinitis patients.
Dr Yuri Zeldin

7.      Analgesia and wound healing assessment following topical morphine applied to patients with cutanous cancer related pain.
 Prof Pesach Shvartzman

8.      Evaluation of the changes implemented in the safety and hygiene system at the workplace following the entry of graduates of the management & safety engineering program.
Prof Talma Kushnir

9.      Triptans- identifying barriers for continuous regular use. 
 Dr Gal Ifergan

10.  Admission privileges of primary physicians to internal medicine department at Soroka university medical center.   
Dr Amalia Rosentzweig

11.  "Death Rattle" – A Double Blind, Randomly Controlled, Crossover Trial. 
Dr Valentina Semionov

12.  Evaluation of Orthopedic injection workshop
Prof Pesach Shvartzman

13.  The Ability of Parents to Subjectively Assess the Degree of Fever in Their Child.
Dr Aviram Dunsky

14.  Palliative Care in the Curriculum – A National Study
Dr Cicurel Assi Albert

15.  Chronic pain- the burden on the Israeli Health system.
 Prof Pesach Shvartzman

16.  Utilization Patterns and Compliance with a new, nurse-led, pre-conception and prenatal counseling service offered to the Bedouins of the Negev, Israel.
 Dr Dahlia Weitzman

17.  Needs Assessment for Faculty Development in Medical Schools in Israel: A Preliminary Study at Ben-Gurion University.
 Dr Howard Tandeter

18.  Safety of Biologic Drugs (Infliximab (Remicade®), Etanercept (Enbrel®), Alefacept (Amevive®), Efalizumab (Raptiva®) in Patients with Psoriasis, Arthritis and Crohn's Disease – A Cohort Study.
 Dr Arnon Cohen

19.  Evaluating the Need for Palliative Care at Soroka University Medical Center.
 Dr Yoram Singer

20.  A National Educational Intervention on Diabetes The Impact to Quality Outcomes.
 Dr Amalia Rozentsveig

21.  Evaluation of a CME Initiative for the Treatment of Chronic Pain.
 Dr Sasson Menahem

22.  Continuous Medical Education of Physicians in the Negev District.
Dr Roni Peleg