Promotion of Research

The center will facilitate generation of funds for research in infectious diseases, Neglected Tropical Diseases and AIDS.

The center will help create joint frameworks for collaborative research between its members and other faculty members within and outside the University.

The center will encourage participation of its members in various research programs and grants particularly from large funding sources such as the EU, NIH, Gates Foundations and the like.

The center will encourage and support all regional types of cooperation with the Palestinian authority and with other neighboring countries in the region, for establishing joint projects in Infectious Disease and AIDS control and therapy and for frameworks of cooperation with scientists and students in these countries.

The center will help establish outposts of research especially in developing countries, in which the involvement of the center's members in collaboration with other international scientists and agencies will take place.

Training and Education

The center will promote national and international meetings on infectious diseases, Neglected Tropical Diseases and AIDS.   

The center will promote professional training at all levels- graduate, postgraduate and research training for Israeli as well as foreign students in Infectious Diseases, Neglected Tropical Diseases  and AIDS.

The center will promote programs for prevention and health education in ID and AIDS to the general public and to risk groups and communities at risk for the dissemination of these diseases.   

The center will promote all possible kinds of education and training for people living in the region and particularly the Palestinian authority and other neighboring countries.  
The center will facilitate and participate in training activities outside Israel and particularly in developing countries.

CEMTA Organizational Structure

The Center for Emerging Diseases, Tropical Diseases and AIDS is headed by the CEMTA director and a steering committee. A board of directors from the University and an international advisory board serve as guidance and supervisory bodies to the Center.


 diagram of organizational strcutre