The Faculty of Health Sciences is home to a permanent exhibition on the history of medicine, free and open to the public.

Tours of the exhibition may ​be arranged in advance.

The museum displays are based on the Rosenberg Collection which includes more than 5,000 items, including medical instruments and tools, engravings and books. The various stages in the development of medicine are dramatized through the use of a selection of these items, illustrations, slides and photographs. 

The museum is arranged to display four chapters in the history of medicine:

  1. The arcade: The Physician as Artisan – Chapters in the History of Medicne from Antiquity to the Renaissance.​
  2. The Ground Floor Gallery: The Physician as Healer and Scientist – Developments in Modern Medicine
  3. The Auditorium: The Physician and Medical Ethics – Ethical Approaches to Medicine and Medical Education throughout its history
  4. The Second Floor Gallery: Episodes in the History of Medicine in Israel