​​​​​​​​​​The Moshe Prywes Center for Medical Education is a unit within the Faculty of Health Sciences dedicated to development, training and research in the educational foundations of student training in the health professions. The center was established in order to promote the Faculty's vision of training humanistic, community-oriented physicians, researchers and health professio​​nals.


Lead ongoing Faculty-wide discussions on education, humanism and health; and train the next generations of medical education leaders at the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Prywes Center for Medical Education will serve as a resource to FOHS staff and students in support of the vision graduates who excel as professionals in service of people and so​ciety and as researchers. The Center will spear​head innovation in teaching and learning through research on medical education and the use of advanced technologies.

Primary Acti​vi​ties

  • ·         Courses and workshops aimed at faculty development
  • ·         Consulting on course planning
  • ·         Individual consulting to faculty instructors
  • ·         Supp​​ort and development of learning assessment tools
  • ·         Support for student and faculty mentorship program
  • ·         Advising student research (including graduate degrees)
  • ·         Dissemina​​​tion of current knowledge in the field
  • ·         Funding for education research
  • ·         Participation in​ national and international forums dedicated to medical education.


The Center for Medical Education was established in 1982 by the Senate of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, to be chaired by Professor Moshe Prywes, the founding Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences. In fact, by the time the Center was established, the Faculty of Health Sciences had already gained international esteem as a pioneer and innovator in medical education.

The Center's activities were aimed at two main goals that co​incided with the innovative Beer- Sheva approach to medical education. The first goal was to evaluate the impact of the school's program on the nature of its graduates and of its influence on the delivery of healthcare at community clinics. In addition, it was hoped that the Center would stimulate and guide young medical students and physicians to pursue medical education as a major component of their professional life, thereby shaping a cadre of leaders in medical education in Israel.

Professor Moshe Prywes (1914-1998)


Moshe Prewes was born in Poland and immigrated to Israel in 1950. From 1951, he devoted himself to medical education and was one of th​e founders of Israel's first medical school, the Hadass​ah medical school at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He subsequently served as the first president of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (1969-1974), and was one of the founders of BGU's medical school and its first Dean.

His unique vision and his exten​ded creative ​​​leadershi​​p of the faculty helped shape it as an outstanding community-oriented educationa​​l instit​​ution.