​​​​​​​​​Our research aims at the advancement of regenerative medicine as a therapeutic strategy to treat human diseases. Regenerative medicine (RM) is the "process of replacing or regenerating human tissues to restore or establish normal function". Regeneration can be accomplished by: replacing damaged tissue with a new one prepared by tissue engineering, and/or, stimulating endogenous (the body's own) repair mechanisms to heal irreparable tissues, by applying biomolecules and biomaterials.
Present projects in Lab:

1. Bio
-inspired materials designed to induce tissue regeneration and to function as defined microenvironments for controlling stem cell fate;​
       RGD+HBP D14 CM (Yulia).png         ​​​

​2. Advanced perfusion bioreactors, with mechanical and electrical stimulation for ex-vivo cell cultivation and tissue engineering;
Bioreactor physical map.pngMSPB system.png

​3. Intelligent nano-sized delivery systems for nucleic acid (siRNA, miRNA, mRNA &DNA) and protein therapeutics
       NPs uptake_From Matan.png          ​Efrat siRNA uptake.png
Technological Achievements

  1. AlgiMatrixTM – A three-dimensional (3-D) culture system; the first user-friendly, animal–free bio-scaffold available for the development of high-fidelity cell culture models that are more predictive of disease states and drug responses. Marketed Life Technologies (Carlsbad CA, USA). Read more…
  2. ​BCM (BL-1040/IK5001) – First-In-Class Myocardial Implant for Prevention of Cardiac Remodeling following Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI). The product is a resorbable polymer solution administered via intracoronary injection during standard vessel reopening procedures.  The polymer deposits in ischemic tissue and forms a “scaffold” that supports the injured tissue during recovery. It is regulated as a device.  At present, CE Mark registration (clinical) trial - conducted by Ikaria/BioLine Rx.