Study programs


The Department of Information Systems Engineering (ISE) offers B.Sc, M.Sc. and Ph.D degrees. The department offers B.Sc. degrees in two programs:

B.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering  (ISE)

The ISE program is a four-year program (8 semesters) during which students accumulate 160 credit points. (One credit point is usually equivalent to one lecture hour or two lab/exercise hours). In the first and second years of study the emphasis is on basic courses in areas such as computer science, mathematics, statistics and quantitative methods. Most of the courses that are specific to the ISE discipline are concentrated in the third and fourth years of study. The fourth year includes elective courses in ISE and requires the completion of an intensive final project.

B.Sc. in Software Engineering (SE)

The SE program is managed jointly with the Department of Computer Science (CS), which is part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The department offers the following graduate degrees.

M.Sc. program Information Systems Engineering (ISE)

The M.Sc. degree is intended mainly for graduates of ISE, SE and CS. However, honor students who have graduated from other engineering departments, as well as from the departments of Economics and Behavioral Sciences, may also apply. Non-ISE graduates are required to complete a number of courses from the B.Sc. program in ISE (depending on their previous studies) before being admitted as full-time M.Sc. students.

In addition 3rd-year students with excellent grades can be admitted to the M.Sc. program via a special track. These students work concurrently on completing the requirements of the B.Sc. program and on their graduate studies.

The M.Sc. program trains the student to perform research-oriented projects. The program consists of eight courses (24 credit points) and a research thesis (12 credit points). Two of the eight courses are mandatory: Research Methods in IS, and IS Development Methodologies; the remaining six courses are graduate-level elective courses in various areas of IS. Up to two of the elective courses may be accrued from other disciplines such as CS and Behavioral Sciences (pending approval of the student's advisor and the M.Sc. teaching committee). In addition to the courses, the M.Sc. program requires a research thesis supervised by one or more of the department's faculty. The students are also required to participate in the ISE weekly seminar, and to present in that forum twice: a short presentation of their research proposal, and a presentation of their complete research.

M.Sc. in ISE with Focus on Cyber Security (Joint with the Computer Science department)

This new track is designed to provide a high level of training to researchers and professionals in the field of computer and network security while focusing on the Cyberspace. It will cover topics such as applied cryptography, privacy, network security, cyber warfare, information leakage prevention, intrusion detection, secure design of information systems and operating system security. The degree consists of eight required courses and electives, including at least six courses in Information Security, and a research thesis in this field.

Ph.D. in Information Systems Engineering (ISE)

The doctoral studies are intended to prepare high quality researchers for teaching and research positions in academic and research institutes. The studies are adapted according to the background and experience of each student and her/his research topic. In addition to completing the course work and writing a doctoral dissertation, students are required to participate in the various research and teaching activities organized by the department, including the departmental seminar.