General Information

The discipline of Information Systems is concerned with the effective analysis, design, development, use, and management of information systems in organizations.
The objective of the Department of Information System Engineering (ISE) is to prepare engineers to work in various private or public organizations whose objective is to develop and use information systems. These include  software development companies and IT service providers; government, banking, insurance and financial institutions; manufacturing firms; medical institutions; marketing and electronic commerce organizations; and, universities and research institutions.
The ISE curriculum is structured to provide students with the concepts and tools that form the fundamental base of knowledge essential to computer information systems professionals in today's modern technological environment. The ISE curriculum is interdisciplinary and encompasses, in addition to IS courses, a wide range of courses in reference disciplines such as computer science, mathematics, statistics and quantitative methods, engineering sciences, management science and economics.
Our graduates are provided with the tools to perform diverse tasks in the IS field such as specifying the information needs of users and managers in organizations; performing feasibility studies of information systems; analyzing and designing software, data bases and user interfaces; and developing prototype systems by application of appropriate analysis and design methodologies and CASE tools. Other tasks include programming, implementation, maintenance and administration of information systems.
The ISE department offers the following degrees:
·         B.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering (ISE) and B.Sc. in Software Engineering (SE).
·         M.Sc. in Information Systems Engineering (ISE).
·         Ph.D. in Information Systems Engineering (ISE).
In the research arena, the ISE department has developed an excellent research infrastructure in the advanced areas of information technologies, which serves faculty research, Ph.D. dissertations, M.Sc. theses, and undergraduate 4th year projects. Members of the department have excelled in securing funding for research from industry and government, as well as from competitive scientific funding sources.
The department also excels in filing patent applications (in 2011 more than 20% of the patents filed by BGU researchers are from the ISE department).
Many of our students take part in academic and industrial competition, in which they have  won prizes and recognition, including (but not limited to): Best Paper Awards, Academic Prize in Software Testing 2012, Microsoft Imagine Cup 2011 (1st place), Motorola Scholarship 2012, and others.
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