IMT-BGU, is a future factory suited for higher-education needs and "hands-on" teaching. IMT-BGU is open, modular and robust, with a decentralized control scheme employing state-of-the-art control methodologies and integration tools. The lab aims to provide a teaching and research platform for students to learn, investigate, develop and apply advanced methodologies concerned with integration of production facilities and in operation of robotic workstations. The laboratory emphasizes integration of shop floor activities, information systems, human factors and human modeling and shop floor control, autonomous and semi autonomous processes. The laboratory enables implementation of concepts from: intelligent system control, information systems, Human factors and green manufacturing, human/ machine/robot interfaces, machine vision algorithms for quality control applications, decision making systems, AGV control algorithms including, task allocation, navigation and conflict resolution, manufacturing operation handling, material routing algorithms, self-learning algorithms for manufacturing operation optimization.

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The IMT lab  includes five  workstations:

1.    Storage station, the storage station includes Two racks, each with 4 shelves with integrated RFID.

       The system can recognize tagged parts.

2.    Kitting station, the kitting station includes a robot that performs two processes: sorting and kitting.

3.    Quality control (QC) station, with an articulated robot and sensing devices including a machine vision
4.    Assembly station, the assembly station includes a robot and a pneumatic assembly apparatus.
5.    Packaging station, the packaging station is a manual station and contains a barcode printer.


The material handling systems is comprised of AGV’s.   

Courses using this lab:
Human machine interfaces (graduate)  , Computer integrated manufacturing systems (graduate) , Foundations of robotics in production systems (graduate) , Advanced topics in data processing (graduate), Automation (undergraduate compulsory) , Databases (undergraduate compulsory) .