​​​​​The name of the student ​
The topic
Tal Yadlin​
Prof. Alva Peled,
Prof. Roni Shnek

Development of concrete with excellent low-energy properties
Alex Cicelsky​
Prof. Alva Peled,
Prof. Yitzhak Meir

Development of sustainable insulation materials for high performance structures
Zion Raz
Prof. Yaniv Gelbstein

Chen Khoury Bard
​Prof. Yaniv Gelbstein
Development of zirconia-based ceramic materials for practical energy applications
Lior Nahum
​Prof. Alva Peled,
Dr. Shabtai Isaac,
Prof. Oded Amir.
Optimization for minimizing the stocked energy in structural elements from concrete to bridging and cladding of developers
Zach Edri
Prof. Alva Peled,
Dr. Shabtai Isaac

Development of a Bayesian model for assessing safety hazards in construction sites
Rotem Chaik
Prof. Alva Peled,
Prof. Yitzhak Meir

Energy Efficiency - Reinforced concrete compared with textile-reinforced concrete