​​​​​​​​Major field
Monte Carlo simulations of ionizing radiation
Prof. Itzhak Orion
Applied research on radiation washings
Models of 3D printing of metals using an electron beam
Calculations for radiation protection
Thermoelectric materials
Prof. Yaniv Gelbstein
Materials silicium and thermoelectric
Plays silicide as an electric thermo material
BiTe-based thermoelectric materials
Connecting water and energy
Prof. Vitaly Gitis
Production of fossil fuels in a porous medium - theory and experiments
Energy optimization of water treatment processes
Heterogeneous catalysis processes
Composite building materials 
Prof. Alva Peled
Production of building materials with high energy efficiency
Physics of nuclear reactors
Prof. Erez Gilad
Nuclear energy
Transport theory of neutrons
Evolutionary algorithms for core planning