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Dec. 04, 2022

​​My name is Shay Kricheli,

I am a recent graduate of Computer Science masters at the university. 

hay Kricheli

In my last semester, I traveled to Germany to participate in a joint program of the Data Science Center at the university and the German Helmholz organization, enabling researchers from Germany and Israel to perform scientific research together.

I joined the German Aerospace Center - Deutsches Zentrum für Luft - und Raumfahrt (DLR) at a designated Data Science facility in a small university city in East Germany named Jena. Our research focused on combining two methods of Deep Learning in a novel manner; the main idea was to try and perform Data Fusion of multiple learning datasets using methods of adversarial attacks.

Before the program started, I contacted Jakob Gawlikowski, a doctoral candidate employed by the DLR as a researcher. We discussed the research prospect and main goals beforehand by reading several related academic articles, so we implemented several simple use cases right in the first week. After succeeding in applying adversarial attacks on a multitude of problems, we went on to extend the method to perform data fusion on datasets. Our efforts yielded satisfactory results, which we laid out in a presentation we showcased to the Data Science team at DLR - which were well received.

Besides the academic effort, I had a chance to visit several big cities in Germany, as I stayed in Leipzig and Berlin and even a small countryside town called Weissenfels. I explored a large number of cultural locations, restaurants, and bars and managed to witness firsthand German culture.

Moreover, as part of my Israeli and Jewish heritage, I visited two concentration camps; Buchenwald - near Jena in the city of Weimar, and Sachsenhausen, located on the outskirts of Berlin. These visits were rather important and informative for me as I think it is an unwavering part of my trip to Germany.

Overall, I would recommend this cooperation for future prospective students, both from an academic and cultural point of view.​