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Dec. 04, 2022

I am Maxim Bragilovski. 

Currently, I am a Ph.D. student at Ben-Gurion University in the department of information systems. I worked on a project called Deep learning for temperature and precipitation downscaling with Dr. Bing Gong from FZ-Juelich. On 20/08/2022, I began working with Bing and spent about 6 weeks on the project.

During the program, I became more familiar with HPC systems, and specifically, I built various deep-learning models and ran them on their HPC system.

I worked on a domain related to weather and climate which I was not aware of before. There, I learned that the combination of the amount of data they have combined with new deep-learning models can actually improve and make our planet a better place.

Additionally, during my stay, I met many kind people from all over the world who made my experience in Germany a very pleasant one.

Definitely recommend everyone to participate in this program in the future!