​​​​​​The CITI Center for Intelligent Transportation & Innovation​ at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev was established in 2018, to enhance collaborative research on frontier issues in transportation. 

The center involves more than 40 senior faculty members from various faculties of the university, who are dealing with a wide range of aspects of the transportation system, such as: urban and metropolitan planning, traffic safety, automated driving, communication in transportation (e.g. V2X), cyber security, advanced computational methods (e.g.  AI, Deep Learning, Distributed agent computing, Behavioral Programming, etc.), sensors, big data (advanced statistical methods, data mining, visualization), mathematical models (operations research, optimization, game theory), energetic solutions (alternative fuels, electric mobility), mechanical vehicle design (BGU-race team), economic aspects (incentives and their consequences), and many more. 

These topics illustrate the comprehensive systems of systems approach characterizing the CITI center. 

By considering a wider range of perspectives the center aspires to facilitate the involvement of all relevant capabilities at BGU, within the Engineering Faculty (which consists of 13 departments and units in all engineering areas), as well as within the other faculties namely Management, Exact Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences and the Humanities.​

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