​ ​

Prof. Jack Gilron

Dept. Head             

e-mail: jgilron@bgu.ac.il​

Areas of interest: 

Membrane processes for treating water (particularly in nanofiltration and reverse osmosis) and in treating desalination brines. 



Dr. Christopher J. Arnusch               

e-mail: arnusch@bgu.ac.il

Areas of interest:

Molecular recognition, and multivalency effects for prevention of membrane scaling and biofouling and for purification of water and wastewater; Design and characterization of new membrane polymer compositions; Definition of parameters involved in membrane fouling and degradation by accurately controlling the design and composition of polymer layers on membranes; Improvement of membrane chemical stability.



Prof. Avraham Be'er                               

e-mail: beera@bgu.ac.il​

Areas of interest:

Complex bacterial phenomena; group behavior mechanisms; collective bacterial motion in liquids; swarming motility; competition between sibling colonies; phenotypic switching; colony morphogenesis; bacteriocins; interactions between bacteria and polymeric membranes; particle tracking; superdiffusion; biorheology; biosurfactants; thin biofilms.



Dr. Roy Bernstein                               

e-mail: royber@bgu.ac.il​

Areas of interest:

The primary goal our laboratory is to investigate and broaden the knowledge and the use of material and polymer science in membrane synthesis for environmental and industrial applications. This will accomplished using a multidisciplinary approach combining chemistry, materials and polymer science, surface science, environmental science and engineering and water treatment technologies.



Prof. Yoram Cohen                            

e-mail: ziwr@bgu.ac.il

Adjunct Professor

Aread of interest:

Separations processes, membrane technology, transport phenomena, polymer science, surface nano-structuring with polymers, distributed smart water systems, optimization and control of water treatment systems, RO/NF membrane development, membrane process monitoring, environmental impact assessment regarding emerging contaminants and the environmental implications of nanotechnology. 





Prof. Moshe Herzberg                     

e-mail: herzberg@bgu.ac.il​

Areas of interest: 

Biofouling of pressure driven membranes; initial stages of bacterial biofilm formation (adhesion and irreversible attachment); biofilm reactors; mass transfer in biofilms.




Prof. Roni Kasher                                  

e-mail: kasher@bgu.ac.il​

Areas of interest: 

Synthesis and characterization of novel nano-filtration and reverse-osmosis membranes for water desalination and treatment; peptide synthesis, peptide chemistry and biologically active peptides. 





Dr. Oded Nir

e-mail: odni@bgu.ac.il

Areas of interest:

Water treatment and resource recovery from wastewater through novel physico-chemical processes, focusing on membrane technology. Desalination and water reuse. Advanced process simulation combining mass-transfer and geochemical modeling.



   Emeriti and retired



Dr. Sofia Belfer                                   

e-mail: sbelfer@bgu.ac.il​

Areas of int​​erest: 

Preparation and application of reactive polymers. Involved in projects related to membrane technology and the synthesis of selective ion-exchange resins and the applications of both technologies to different separation processes 



Dr. Emanuel Korngold                     

e-mail: korngold@bgu.ac.il

Areas of interest: 

Ion-exchange: ion-exchange properties, selectivity, special uses, wastewater treatment; membranes: permselective membranes for electrodialysis properties and special uses; electrodialysis: pretreatment and operation; pervaporation; ion-exchange hollow fibers. 



Dr. Charles Linder                              

e-mail: linderc@bgu.ac.il​

Areas of interest: 

Unique ordered ion-exchange membranes for fuel cells and electrodialysis; nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for water treatment and desalination; novel vesicles for targeted controlled release for the treatment of CNS diseases; micro-encapsulation of biologically active agents; development of sulfate permeable asymmetric mosaic membranes for nanofiltration; improved chemically stable nanofiltration. 



Dr. Rami Messalem                               

e-mail: rami@bgu.ac.il

Areas of interest: 

Membrane processes for treating municipal and industrial wastewater (particularly in ultra-filtration and micro-filtration, as well as reverse osmosis) and in pre-treating sea-water for desalination; membrane characterization and autopsy of membranes; synthesis of ion-exchange membranes; new stacks for electrodialysis. 



Prof. Yoram Oren, Emeritus             

e-mail: yoramo@bgu.ac.il

Areas of interest: 

Electrically driven membrane separations: electrodialysis, capacitive deionization; transport phenomena in membranes for water treatment; fouling mechanisms of membranes; membrane characterization by electrochemical methods.