NameAdvisor/sCountry of originTitle of research
Bendrihem ReutProf. P. Motzafi-HallerIsraelGender, Identity, and Space: The Case of Mitzpe Ramon
Friedlander LoniaDr. Y. Garb, Prof. N. Weisbrod​USAFusing Field, Laboratory, and Remote Sensing Analysis to Understand and Map the Transport and Fate of Heavy Metals Released by Electronic Waste (E-Waste) Processing in Arid Environments
Ibrahim Abu-AjajDr. S. Abu-RabiaIsraelNational identity development among Bedouin students in Israel
Kaplan ShaiProf. E. ErellIsraelPredicting air temperature simultaneously for multiple locations in an urban environment: A bottom up approach
Kisch ShifraDr. S. Abu-RabiaNetherlandsEmerging class of paramedical professional and Arabic language-appropriate services in the Negev
Zion-Waldoks TanyaProf. P. Motzafi-HallerIsraelEmbodied Power Relations in Israel’s Peripheral and Central Rabbinic Courts