Spring Semester 2018

Coordinator: Prof. David Pearlmutter

Location: Department of Man in the Desert Seminar Room

Time: Tuesday, 13:00-14:00


Date & Abstract​Speaker​Title

March 13, 2018

Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed of the Dead Sea & Arava Science Center

Onboard Hydrogen Production to Eliminate Storage and Distribution Challenges

​March 20, 2018

​Wafa Ebenberi, MA Thesis presentation

​Social movements and resistance among indigenous nations: Bedouin society as a case study

​April 10, 2018

​Yael Teff Seker, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Technion

The Desert Experience: Using Walking-Focusing Interviews to Assess the Cultural Ecosystem Services of Drylands

​April 17, 2018

​Noah Tal MA Thesis, Porter School for Environmental Studies

​The unrecognized Bedouins settlements in southern Israel, environmental situation in selected issues – Shuket area: unrecognized settlements Um-Batin and El-Syide

​April 24, 2018

​Mansour Al-Sanaa, Architect, Lerman Architects and Planners

​Planning in the Arab communities in the Negev - Challenges in creating a synergy between the modernist Western concept and the traditional Bedouin concept

​May 1, 2018

​Nahed Sharary, Ph.D Proposal presentation

The Challenges of Islamic Feminism among Muslim Women in Israel

​May 8, 2018

​Rachel Bernstein, Ph.D. Thesis presentation

​Byzantine monasticism in the Negev: Physical, architectonic, and socio-economic context

​may 15, 2018

​Gabriel Ore, Ph.D. Thesis presentation

​Ancient runoff water collection systems in the Negev Highlands: Chronological dating, concentration along a linear axis, and spatial comparisons to Bronze and Early Iron Age sites

​May 22, 2018

​Maysoon Raya, Ph.D proposal presentation

​Selection strategies of divorced Muslim Arab women seeking to remarry

​May 29, 2018

​Gail Osman, Ph.D proposal presentation

Yulia Schevchenko, Ph.D. proposal presentation

​Claiming citizenship rights: The meaning of activism among Bedouin women NGO Leaders in the Naqab/Negev

Post-Soviet women in multiple marginality

​June 5, 2018

​Hashem Sayed, MA Proposal presentation, Joshua Inkeles, MA Thesis presentation, BTMID 

​Necessities, obstacles, and parameters of of greywater treatment in informal Bedouin villages

​June 12, 2018

​Elise Machline, BTMID Ph.D Thesis presentation

​The socio-economic impact of green buildings: A Franco-Israeli comparative analysis

​June 19, 20185

​Tebo Kgosiemang, Annette Penny, BTMID, MA proposal presentations 

Sexual Reproductive Health Education: First Line of Defence for Adolescent Girls in Gaborone