Prof. Shalom is a senior staff member at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute and the Jaffe Center for Strategic Studies (Tel Aviv University).

He has published books and articles on Israel's defense policy, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and role of the Great Powers in the Middle East.

Zaki Shalom is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and received his Ph.D. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, (Tufts University) in the USA in 1982. he has been affiliated with the Ben-Gurion Research Institute since 1986.

Recent Publications


David Ben-Gurion, the State of Israel and the Arab World 1949-1956, Sussex Academic Press, 2002, 216 pp.

Policy in the Shadow of Controversy, the Routine Security Policy of Israel 1949-1956, Ma'arachot - Israel Defense Ministry Publications, 1996, 152 pp. [Hebrew].

The Superpowers, Israel, and the Future of Jordan, 1960-1963: The Perils of the Pro-Nasser Policy, Sussex Academic Press, 1999, pp.181.

Between Dimona and Washington: The Political Struggle over the Build-up of Israel's Nuclear Option, Jaffe Center for Strategic Studies, Tel Aviv University, and the Ben-Gurion Research Institute, 2005, 334 pp. [Hebrew].

With Heart Aflame: David Ben-Gurion and the Struggle for the Image of Israel and its Leadership, 1963-1967, Ben-Gurion Research Institute, 2005, 322 pp. [Hebrew].

David Ben-Gurion, Israel and the Arab World 1949-1956, The Dayan Research Center, Tel-Aviv University and the Ben-Gurion Research Institute, 2005, [Arabic]. 

Israel's Nuclear Option: Behind the Scenes Diplomacy Between Dimona and Washington, Sussex Academic Press and Jaffe Center for Strategic Studies, Tel-Aviv University, 2005, pp. 218.

Fields of Interest

Israel's Defense Policy

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

The Superpowers in the Middle East

Ben-Gurion's Leadership