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Professor Tuvia Friling is a senior Researcher at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute, at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.
Prof. Friling was the head of the Ben-Gurion Institute (1993-2001) and the State Archivist of Israel (2001-2004).
In 2003-2004 Tuvia Friling served as Vice Chairman of the International Commission of the Holocaust in Romania headed by Prof. Elie Wiesel. The Commission delivered its final report to Mr. Ion Iliescu, President of Romania, on October 11, 2004.

At February 2009 – Tuvia Friling was awarded the “Cultural Merit" award in rank of Commander," by Romanian President Traian Basescu in recognition of Dr. Friling's contribution to the International Commission on the Holocaust in Romania, chaired by Nobel prize-winner Elie Wiesel, and for his academic accomplishments. The Commission's report was published in 2005 after two years of research. 
2011 current – Head of Ben-Gurion Institute press.
2011 current – Academic adviser, Massuah – International Institute for the study of the Holocaust.
2011 current – Editor in chief of the Ben-Gurion papers project.

Among his other awards:

Yad Ben-Gurion, David Tuviahu Prize; Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Esther Parnas Prize; Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Denis Blum Prize; Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Fridan Prize; Yad Ben Zvi, Mordechai Eish-Shalom Prize for the book Arrow in the Dark; The State Public Council for Commemoration of Late Presidents and Prime Ministers, The Prime Minister Prize; The Hillel Kook Memorial Prize - The Institute for Mediterranean Affairs-  the Memorial prize.

Prof. Friling held few visiting positions in:
The Meyerhoff Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, University of Maryland, College Park; Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Oxford, Britain; The International Center for Holocaust Advanced Studies, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem; The first international researchers group of Yitzhak Rabin Center for Israel Studies, Tel Aviv;  Iberoamericna University, Mexico City, Mexico; Shalem Center, Jerusalem; The Center of Holocaust Advanced Studies, United  States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington DC; Gildenhorn Institute for Israel Studies, University of Maryland, USA; Centre d'histoire sociale du XXe siecle (CNRS). univ. Paris 1- Panthéon- Sorbonne.


publications (Books written and edited):


  • Tuvia Friling, 1998, Arrow in the Dark: David Ben-Gurion, the Yishuv Leadership and Rescue Attempts during the Holocaust, the Ben-Gurion Research Center, the Ben-Gurion University & the Institute for Contemporary Jewry, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Hebrew). 2001 - Second edition. 

  • The English edition:

    Tuvia Friling, 2005, Arrows in the Dark: David Ben-Gurion, the Yishuv Leadership and Rescue Attempts during the Holocaust, Wisconsin University Press, USA;

  • Tuvia Friling (ed.), 2003, An Answer to a Post-Zionist Colleague, Yediot Acharonot Publication - Hemed Books (Hebrew);

  • Tuvia Friling (ed.), 2004, Critique du post-sionisme, Reponse aux "nouveaux historiens" Israeliens, Editions in Press Publishers, France; 

  • Tuvia Friling and Hanna Yablonka (eds.), 2004, Israel and the Holocaust, Israel Studies, a Series Subject, vol. 8, no. 3, Indiana University Press, USA; 

  • Tuvia Friling, Radu Ioanid and Mihail Ionescu (eds.), 2005, The International Commission of the Holocaust in Romania Report (English and Romanian);

  • Tuvia Friling, Danny Gutwein and Avi Bareli (eds.), Between Economy and Society in Israel: Present and Historical View, Iyunim Bitkumat Israel, the Series Subject (Hebrew), 2005.

  • Tuvia Friling and Paula Kabalo, Ariel Kleiman (eds.),2008, David Ben Gurion -  VISION Y LEGADO, DISCOURSOS, ARTICULOS Y CORESPONDENCIA (Spanish), Iberoamericana University Press, Mexico (Spanish) 316 pp.

  • Tuvia Friling (Guest Editor), 2008 , special issue, The Israelis and the Holocaust, Israel Studies,  Indiana University Press, (English).

  • Tuvia Friling,  “Who are you Leon Berger? A story of a Kapo in Auschwitz, History, Memory and Politics", 2009 , Resling publishing house, Tel Aviv (Hebrew), 667 pp.
    English version:
    Tuvia Friling, A story of a Kapo in Auschwitz, History, Memory and Politics, University Press  of New  England, the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies/Brandeis University Press, to be published at 2013.

  • Ben-Gurion 1947-1948, The secrets of the birth of the state of Israel, Ben-Gurion diary and other selected documentation, 2012 , [Tuvia Friling and Denis Peschanski – Editors],  La Martinière, Paris (French), 621 pp.

  • David Ben-Gurion, VISITS IN THE VALLEY OF DEATH, Ben-Gurion's journeys to Bulgaria, Sweden and the displaced Persons camps in Germany, Memories, (September 1944 – October 1946), Tuvia Friling  – Editor, Ben-Gurion Institute press, (Hebrew),  (in press).

  • מיכאל וולפה, גדעון כ"ץ, טוביה פרילינג [עורכים], המוסיקה בישראל, היסטוריה, עדות, תיעוד, עיונים בתקומת ישראל     –  סדרת הנושא. עתיד לראות אור ב- 2013 


Friling had published dozens of articles in Israel and abroad in his fields of expertise: The Zionist movement Policy; Ben- Gurion Leadership; The Yishuv and the Holocaust; The Revisionist movement – the right wing movements in the Yishuv and their connection to aid and rescue during the Holocaust; History and computing. 

Research Students:
2007 - current, Gali Shtal, "They carry their people on shoulder": Ada Sereni and Ruth Aliav-Kliger, Activities in the Mossad Le'aliya Bet (illegal immigration of Jews to Palestine) 1938- 1948, Ph.D. Department of Jewish history, BGU.
2010 – current,  Tzvi Greenberg, The dispute between the United States and Britain regarding  the Land of Israel in April-October 1946 as a turning point towards the 'Partition Plan', M.A, BGU.
2011 – current, Ezra Nishri, The "CLAYTON  PLAN"-  A British conspiracy in the 1948 War? M.A, BGU.
2012. current – Yehoshafat Pop, A Journey into the Intellectual World of the Romanian Jew, Mihail Sebastian – Works, Testimony, Identity , M.A, Thesis,  BGU.
2012- current, Tzvi Greenberg,  PhD, BGU.
בין כלכלה למדיניות חוץ, מקומם של היבטים כלכליים ושיקולים כספיים בעיצוב מדיניותה של בריטניה בשאלת ארץ ישראל 1947 – 1945

2012 – current, Ezra Nishri, The "CLAYTON  PLAN"-  A British conspiracy in the 1948 War? PhD, BGU.
2012- current – Ziv Politi – Menachem Begin search for peace, M.A, Thesis,  BGU.
2012- current – Ayelet Shaked, Yeshuv's emissaries to Europe – why did they left Europe?, M.A, Thesis,  BGU.

Courses taught: 
David Ben-Gurion – The greatest decision maker: 1935-1965 – 30 Years of strategic decisions, A research workshop at Ben-Gurion archive.