Since beginning her graduate studies, Tali Tadmor Shimony's research covered issues in Jewish nationalism, immigration, and other related topics.
She graduated from Hebrew University in 1996, with a dissertation on  "The Question of National Identity in Jewish Socialism in the United States 1917-1924". 

Her present studies examine issues of nationalism, using tools of history of education, cultural history, political sociology, collective memory, and sociology of knowledge.
Her studies focus on the means by which national identity is formed in Israel through the use of a state educational system.

Selected Recent Publications


The School as a National Identity Agent: Israeli National Education and the Formation of a New State (1953-1966) (in Hebrew) Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the study of Israel & Zionism,
Ben-Gurion University press,  in print.

Guest Editor, Jewish History; special issue on ' The Study of the Bible, vol 22.1 Summer 2007


"The Immigrant Teachers as State Agent", Dor Ledor, vol 31 , 2007.  (in Hebrew).

"Teaching the Bible as a common culture agent"  Jewish History, vol  22.1. Summer  2007.

"Gender Socialization in National Education and the Formation of a New State: Israel as a Case Study", History of Education vol 34.6, fall 2005. 

 "The Text Book as an Ideological Text: The Formation of the National Identity in the National School Readers and in the National Religious School Readers", in E. Don -Yehia (Ed)  Masoret and Hidush; Meahkarim in Yahadut, Zionism and Medinat Israel, 2006. (in Hebrew).

"The Pantheon of National Hero Prototypes in Educational Texts: Understanding Curriculum as a Narrative of National Heroism", Jewish History vol  17.3 Summer 2003.