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When Dr. Aridan received his Ph.D. in History from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, he fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming an historian. Since his Aliya in 1980 he has worked at the Ben-Gurion Research Institute, which he considers his 'spiritual home' he has dedicated himself to furthering the dialogue between Israelis and Diaspora Jews.

This goal is also reflected in his teaching and research on the relationship between Israeli diplomatic missions and overseas Jewish communities. This, he claims, is a fascinating field that has remained inexplicably and conspicuously terra incognita.

Dr. Aridan is currently writing a book on 'Dilemmas & Critical Decisions of Israel's Diplomats and Diaspora Jewry in Lobbying Support for the State of Israel, 1948-1973'.

He is a recipient of Israel Science Foundation grant for 2012-2014.


Recent Publications



Forthcoming book: Diplomats and Lobbyists: Advocating for Israel - From Truman to Nixon (Rowman & Littlefield-Lexington Books, 2017).

The Making of Israeli Foreign Policy, co-edited with Gabriel Sheffer, Special Issue Israel Studies (15.3) Fall 2010.

Israel-Diaspora Relations, Israel Studies, co-edited with Gabriel Sheffer, Special Issue Israel Studies 10.1 (Spring, 2005).

Britain, Israel and Anglo-Jewry, 1949-1957 (Routledge, London, 2004). Dr. Natan Aridan book, Britain, Israel and Anglo-Jewry, 1949-1957.pdfbook cover & contents


“Israel's Refusal to Endorse the American Friends of Israel (1956)" Israel Studies (15.3) Fall 2010.

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“Britain and the Gaza Raid", in Golani, M. (ed.), The Gaza Raid and the Israeli Policy of Retaliation during the Fifties", (Tel-Aviv, 1994).

Research Fields

Israel-Diaspora Relations

Israeli Diplomacy and Foreign Policy 

Anglo-Israel Relations

Professional Activities

Editor, Israel Studies, co-sponsored with The Schusterman Center for Israel Studies Brandeis University published by Indiana University Press.