Dr. Zvi Shilony received his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1987. His affiliation with the Ben-Gurion Research Institute started in 1994.
He is now a senior lecturer.
He teaches at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Some of Dr.Shilony's courses:
The Historical Geography of Israel in the Modern Era;
The Historical Geography of the Negev Cities;
Religious Geography; Ideology and Landscape – the Kibbutz;
and the Geography of Immigration Absorption in Israel.

Selected Publications


1)Shilony, Z., Jewish National Fund and Settlement in Eretz-Israel 1903-1914, Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi Press, Jerusalem 1990 (464 pp.) [in Hebrew].

2) Shilony, Z., Ideology and Settlement: The Jewish National Fund, 1897-1914, The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1998 (446 pp.)

3) Co-editor with D. Gavish,  First Flights to the Levant 1913-1914,  Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi Press, Jerusalem 2003 (103 pp.)
[in Hebrew].


1) Shilony, Z., 'German Antecedents of Rural Settlement in Palestine up to World War I', in: R. Kark (ed.), The Land That Became Israel - Studies in Historical Geography, Yale University Press and the Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, New Haven-London-Jerusalem, 1989, pp. 196-214 and plates.

2) Shilony, Z., 'Ashkenazi Jewish Almshouses in Jerusalem', Journal of Cultural Geography, Vol. 14, No. 1 , 1993 (Fall/Winter), Popular Press, Bowling Green State University, pp. 35-48.

3) Shilony, Z., "Stages in the Development of the Jewish Settlement in Eretz-Israel during the Second Aliya, I Bartal (ed.), The Second Aliya, Vol. 1: Yad Ben Zvi, pp. 104-134, , Jerusalem 1997, [in Hebrew].

4) Shilony, Z., Un mece`ne catholique: le comte de Piellat et les communautes francaises de Terre sainte, D. Trimbur at R. Aaronsohn (directors), De Bonaparte a` Balfour: La France, l`Europe occidentale et la Palestine 1799-1917, pp. 241-264, CRFJ Melanges du Centre de recherché francais de Jerusalem, Jerusalem 1999.

5) Shilony, Z., 'Randomal Factors in the Founding of Degania', in: Y. Ben-Artzi et. al. (eds.), Nof Moladeto: Studies in Geography and History in Honor of Yehoshua Ben-Arieh, The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1999,
pp. 408-437, [in Hebrew].

6) Shilony, Z., 'The Kibbutzim's New-Year's Greeting Cards:
A View of a Geographer', in: M. Zur (ed.), Greetings from the Kibbutz: the New-Year's Greeting Cards of the Kibbutzim, Yad Ya'ari and the Ben-Gurion Research Center,
Giveat Haviva 2002, [in Hebrew].

Research Fields

Historical Geography of Israel.

Cultural Geography.

The Jewish National Fund's Enterprises.

The Negev Towns since 1900.