Prof. Peled has a deep interest in Middle Eastern societies past and present. His work deals primarily with the cultural history of the Palestinians, and in particular the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel. Taking into consideration political, social, and economic dimensions, the history that he writes is based on a synthesis in which culture, conceived of as a texture imbued with meaning, plays the major role.

His studies are the fruit of his broad interest in several branches of the humanities and the social sciences (particularly Arabic language and literature, Middle East studies, history, and anthropology) as well as the arts (especially architecture), in which he has long been keenly interested.

Before joining the Ben-Gurion Research Institute for the Study of Israel & Zionism in 2010, prof. Peled had taught various courses at the 'Bezalel' Academy of Art and Design; at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev; and at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (between 2004-2010, he had been teaching at the 'Amirim' Interdisciplinary Honors Program).


Research ​Fields:

Memory studies

Oral history

Sociology of place

Bedouin poetry


Recent Pub​lications:


2022. Words Like Daggers: The Political Poetry of the Negev Bedouin. Accepted for publication by Brill Publishers.

2015. Noura's Dream: A Historical Portrait of a Bedouin Tribe. Haifa: The University of Haifa Press & Miskal, 310 pages (Hebrew).

2012. Architexture: The Arab House as a Social Text. Tel-Aviv: Resling, 295 pages (Hebrew).

2008. Architecture of Collective Memory: Remembering the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in Kibbutz Yad-Mordechai, 1943-1951. Givat Haviva: Moreshet & Yad-Yaari Press, 109 pages (Hebrew).



2021. “The Jewish Other in the Popular Poetry of the Negev Bedouin, 1930s-1980s: Exploring a Selection of Poems from the Bar-Zvi Collection." Revue d'Histoire Culturelle, Vol. 2, 43 paragraphs.

2020. “The Theatre of Memory: Direct Speech in Palestinian Oral History." Memory Studies, Vol. 13 (4), 16 pages (electronically published in 2018).

2020. “The Witness and the Archive: Between Two Memory Cultures – The Discourse between Written Testimonies from Zionist & Israeli Archives and Palestinian Oral Testimonies." In: Gabriella Gribaudi (ed.), Testimonianze e Testimoni nella Storia del Tempo Presente. Florence: Editpress, 12 pages.

2019. “History, Memory and the Meaning of Place: The Renovation of Sidnā 'Alī Mosque as a Nexus of Palestinian, Arab and Islamic Identity in Israel." Journal of Israeli History: Politics, Society, Culture, Vol. 37 (1), 25 pages.

2018. “The Fall of a Village in the 1948 War: A Historical Close-up of the Conquest of Mi'ilya and its Surrender." British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 45 (3), 20 pages.

2017. “Things that Matter: Nostalgic Objects in Palestinian Arab Homes in Israel." Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 53 (2), 21 pages.

2016. “The Battle of Red Hill: A Little-Known Episode of the 1948 War." Journal of Palestine Studies, Vol. 46 (1), 14 pages.


Selected Courses Taught:

Place as Text

Israel in the Middle East: Basic Concepts

Anthropological Paradigms & Middle Eastern Cultures

The Jewish-Arab Conflict: Historical and Sociological Perspectives

The Structure of the Israeli DNA: Models for Exploring Cultural Identities

The Kaleidoscope of the Past: Collective Remembrance and Social Amnesia in Israel

'Past Continuous:' The Political Uses of the Past in Palestinian, Arab and Islamic Societies