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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב
המחלקה למדעי החיים

Prof. Ofer Ovadia


Room : Building 40, Room 411
Phone : Office (+972) 8 646 1359, Lab (+972) 8 647 9230, Fax (+972) 8 647 2648
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Research Interests


My scientific worldview is based on an evolutionarily and ecologically mechanistic approach, combining field experimentation with computer simulation of natural data and or analytical models. My research aim is to understand how genetic and phenotypic (i.e., morphology, behavior and life history) variation changes along geographical scales and to evaluate the consequent effects of such variation on population and community dynamics.

Current Projects

Our lab consists of evolutionary ecologists investigating how properties at the individual level translate into population and community dynamics. Our model systems include various taxons, such as insects, reptiles, small mammals and plants. We use genetic tools, evolutionary experiments and modeling to better understand the processes affecting the structure and function of natural systems. We are addressing:

1) Consequences of variation in morphological and life history traits among Myrmeleontid individuals on their population demography.

2) The effect of landscape heterogeneity on beetle genetic structure along productivity gradient.

3) Interactions among forager searching patterns, environmental conditions and food spatial distribution.

4) Developmental decision making in annual plants.


Recent Publications

Scharf, I., Filin, I., Golan, M., Buchshtav, M., Subach, A. and Ovadia, O. 2008. A comparison between desert and Mediterranean antlion populations: Differences in life history and morphology. Journal of Evolutionary Biology (In press).

Scharf, I., Hollender, Y., Subach, A. & Ovadia, O. 2008. Effect of spatial pattern and microhabitat on pit construction and relocation in Myrmeleon hyalinus (Neuroptera: Myrmeleontidae) larvae. Ecological Entomology (In press).

Loria, R., Scharf, I., Subach, A. and Ovadia, O. 2008. The behavioral response of antlion larvae differing in their foraging mode to predator presence, predator type and habitat structure. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology (In press).

Sadeh, A., Guterman, H., Gersani, M. and Ovadia, O. 2008. Plastic bet-hedging in an amphicarpic annual: an integrated strategy under variable conditions. Evolutionary Ecology (In press).

Scharf, I., Kotler, B. and Ovadia, O. 2008. Consequences of food distribution for optimal searching behavior: an evolutionary model. Evolutionary Ecology (In press).


Ph.D. Ben Gurion University of the Negev, 1999

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