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אוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב
בית ספר קרייטמן ללימודי מחקר מתקדמים

From the Dean

Michal.jpgSince its very early days, the Ben Gurion University is committed to advancement of research and teaching at the highest standards. Encouragement of our fine graduate students is therefore fundamental to this commitment. The Kreitman School for Advanced Graduate Studies provides an academic and administrative chaperoning to students studying towards their doctoral degree at all stages, starting from their admittance, through follow-up of their research achievments and finally taking act towards approval of the Ph.D. degree by the Senate of the Ben Gurion University. We will maintain high academic standards, along with lending an ear to the students and their mentors, and cooperating with the various university faculties and departments.
The Kreitman School is also involved in directing an economical support during this period, which is so important in establishing your professional future. The direct contacts with you are important to the Kreitman School crew, headed by Mrs. Dvora Oren. We want you to know that we will invest all our efforts to adsorb and encourage worthy students, in attempt to maintain excellent research and teaching. The Ben Gurion University will do all it can to broaden the research facilities and recruit the best and excellent staff members that will serve as mentors for your Ph.D. thesis.
We are very proud that many of our alumni are part of the academic world in Israel and abroad, and are also incorporated in various research institutions, technological and biotechnological companies and in the medical and agricultural worlds. Some have joined the academic world in our country and elsewhere, others are involved in the High-Tech and Biotech industries, in nature conservation as well as in planning and preserving the environment. Many of our alumni take part in the Israeli educational system and in the local social and medical networks, they play a key role in our monetary system, and in the all aspects of our society. 
 I wish you all great success in your research and studies, your success is ours!
With great respect
Prof. Michal Shapira