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Ph.D. Thesis Evaluation Process

Kreitman School of Advanced Graduate Studies

Ph.D. Thesis Evaluation Process


1.      Three temporary, spiral-bound copies and one digital copy on a CD of the entire Ph. D. Thesis must be submitted as per the following submission instructions.

2.      The Kreitman School will send a request for a list of the potential, recommended judge-candidates to the Chairperson of the Departmental/Faculty Committee and a copy of that request to the advisor.

3.      The final list of judge-candidates is determined by the Research Students' Committee.

4.      The Kreitman School then turns to the external judge-candidates, seeking their agreement to judge the work.

5.      After attaining their agreement the Thesis is sent out for evaluation.

6.      The Judges' Panel usually has 3 Judges – 2 external Judges (not at BGU) and one at BGU.

7.      An Email confirmation is sent to the student and his/her Advisor once the Judges have received the Thesis.

8.      If the Judges' evaluations are delayed, reminders are issued.

9.      Once their judgments have been received, their evaluation reports are Emailed to the student and his/her Advisor.

10.  If corrections of the Thesis are required, they are to be submitted to the Kreitman School in accordance with the instructions distributed with the Judges' evaluations (Note that each individual Judge on the Panel is represented by a number and must provide a separate, numbered evaluation along with the approval and signature/s of the Thesis Advisor/s.)

11.  If the corrections are made and approved as per the requirements, then the Thesis goes to the Research Students' Committee for approval. After it is approved by the Committee, the recommendation of the Committee to grant the Ph.D. degree is passed along to the BGU Senate, which usually convenes once every month and a half.

12.  While the recommendation is passed on to the Senate, the student is asked to submit final copies of the Thesis and its accompanying material in accordance with instructions sent to him/her.


Confirmation of the degree


After the degree has been approved by the University Senate, the student receives official certification from the Kreitman School, confirming that he/she is eligible to receive a Ph. D. degree – "Doctor of Philosophy." The official date of eligibility is the date on the final Judges' Panel report, unless corrections have been required; in such a case, the official date of eligibility is the date on which last corrections were approved. The student may use the titles "Ph. D."  or "Dr." only after the official date (as above).


Granting of the degree


Ph. D. certificates are awarded at a special ceremony for the granting of degrees, held once a year in the Summer, without ranking, e.g. "with excellence."


The judging process is a long one and we do the best we can to shorten it. Thus, a student intending to go abroad for his/her post-doctoral studies must submit the Thesis as early as possible (at least half a year before leaving Israel), in order to receive official  notification of eligibility in due time.


Guidelines for Suggesting Reviewers

You are asked to recommend senior professors who may judge the Thesis of  the student.

The Thesis will be sent to 3 Judges (not including the Advisor(s)), two of whom must be from other recognized academic institutions. Accordingly, you are asked to suggest three Judges from our University and another three from other academic institutions.

 The signature(s) of the Thesis Advisor(s) serve as their seal of approval.

 Please attach to your list of external judge-candidates copies of their personal faculty homepages.


1.      If the paper is written in English, also recommend some experts from abroad, from leading universities in the field.

2.      If there are experts or countries that you do not wish that the thesis be sent to , please note this.

3.      The Advisor/Chairperson are asked not to turn to the potential judge-candidates to ask for their consent to review the thesis.

4.      Please relay the names of your recommended candidates within two weeks of receiving this request. If we do not receive your names within the allotted time period, and so as not to harm the student, the Kreitman School will send the Thesis to various Judges without consulting the Advisor or the Department.